Monday, July 30, 2007

Beautiful Sunday..

Photo of the Day..August babies Qhareef and Hakim

Sunday? What have we done on sunday...In the morning nothing much to tell, but at least in the afternoon we have our program. We were invited to Qhareef's Birthday at 3.00pm. We leave from home around, Hakim and Aishah. We reach Mona's house around 3.40pm.

So we reach there and the first person we saw was my friend's husband and her elder brother. Hakim was holding the gift for Qhareef. Suddenly Qhareef came to us, I think he saw something from Hakim's hand. So he try to get close to him. I asked Hakim to give the present to Qhareef who was standing close to Hakim, but Hakim just ignore Qhareef and he just walked directly to my friend's husband, Nigel.. I was laughing, he dont know who is Qhareef is. He thought the first person who talked with him is the Birthday person..LOL, never mind. Poor Qhareef who standing next to Hakim. But afterwards, they play together especially when Qhareef play with his new Motocycle..

Here is Aishah with her favorite ballons, she was quiet since we reached Mona house but suddenly her mood changed to excited when she get the ballons with her.

We went home and ended our day with a nice sunset and the rainbow infront of our door.

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