Friday, February 29, 2008

Trip to Brunei 3rd

As my promised to blog my trip to Brunei, this will be the last story of it.

Day 4 (30 January 2008- Wednesday)

We started our day with breakfast at 8:00 am in the morning. About 8.30am we all get ready for the longer boat ride to the Temburong National Park. Its take 45 minutes to reached the place and it a bit hot because we are facing the sun and the boat is against the water stream. That was really nice even my kids loves it. We arrived around 9.20am.

We were informed by our guide that we have to climbed up 300 steps of stair to reach the first hanging bridge where my mother in law and the children went to the place where we will having our lunch for that day.
So me, my husband and Harry continued with the stairs up to see the canopy walk (Bridge built on the highest tree in the park). Luckily my mother in law is willing to take care of my kids otherwise I cannot follow them.

Pic 1: Modern Hanging Bridge.
Starting from this bridge, there are more step to go, we have to climb the 1263 steps of stairs to the canopy walk. It is really tiring but good for exercise.

Pic 2: While resting
About 1 hour we reached the canopy walk. Me and my husband had climbed the canopy walk. What a thing!..first I was thinking I am not going to climb it, but at the other hand, I felt like not worth it, if I dont. All the way from Kota Kinabalu and after climbing so many stairs, Ok lets do. Me and my husband go up and WOW what a height. I am afraid the bridge will fall down because the bridge only can carry 2 person in one time. Its a steel bridge with 4 level of Height. First the lowest and then going up to the highest level where you can see the Mount Kinabalu and the mulu caves at both sides of view. But its was really wonderful view at the highest point.
While we were up there, a group of Singaporean army arrived and they started to climb the bridge as well, Ooo gosh, the bridge is moving, you can felt that someone is walking on it when you are at the highest point. I told my husband to go down immediately. Even my husband also afraid because he is bigger than me..hahahahaa.. So we went down with satisfaction.

Afterwards we got back to the place where my mother in law and the kids waiting. I was told by my mother in law that Hakim was crying, he want to followed us and he doesn't stop crying since we left them. Poor Hakim and I think my mother in-law has head ache hahahahahahaa..just 2 hours with my kids. Aishah is excited and she is running and shouting, my mother in law has to tell Aishah to not shout, but I think Aishah does not understand dutch..hahahahaaa..everybody looking at aishah, said my mother in law, because the other tourists was just relaxing and quite waiting for their lunch to be served. Aishah just dont care..she played and pee in her trouser. I did not put on her diaper because we want to go to the river afterward. Besides to save the diaper to go back to the town only 1 diaper left hehehee.

After our lunch, around 12:30pm we went back to the lodge and get ready to go back to Bandar Seri Begawan. About 2:30 we were brought to the jetty for the water taxi. Aishah and Hakim slept in the speed boat, tired after the National park adventure. We reached the Bandar Seri Begawan at 4.00pm and directly to our hotel. We were staying at Rizqun International Hotel which was located at Gadong. Once we checked in and get our room, we all take a afternoon nap. So tired.

Day 5 (31 January 2008-Thursday)
The next day, we just rest in the hotel, enjoy swimming at the hotel's swimming pool and went for window shopping with my mother in law and the kids. My husband and Harry, they went to the the cinema to watched RAMBOO 4 in the afternoon. More relaxing day and just checked the shopping mall that close by.
Actually our camera suddenly not working properly when we were at the Temburong National Park. We can't take a photo when we were on the canopy walk because if we use our camera in day time.We need new camera...this will happen if we use our camera to take a photo:

Day 6 (1st February 2008 -Friday)

After Breakfast we departed from Gadong to Kuala Lurah (Brunei-Sarawak Border) at 9:30am. 1 hour waiting just to get a stamp for our passport. We reached home around 6:00pm.

End of Vacation.

That was our Brunei trip. Our next family destination will be Hong Kong in May. Flight and hotels booking has been made just waiting for the day. We plan to visit Hong Kong Disneyland for 2 days, 2 nights and 2 nights at Harbour Plaza hotel.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Which brain are you?

I got this test from Tickle.
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Janneth, You are
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Typically, left-brained individuals like you feel most at ease and in control in situations requiring verbal ability, attention to detail, and in-depth, linear, analytical ability. Writing ability and sequential processes of thought are also traits associated with left-brained individuals. We know this because researchers notice increased activity in the left hemisphere of the brain in people hooked up to monitors when they ask them to perform activities that require sharp focus on detail and organization.

In addition to isolating the ways in which your brain processes information, your left brain also controls the right side of your body. If you are strongly left-brained, you will find that your natural tendency is to be right-handed — though with some skills, you may find that you are left-handed if a left-handed person taught you how to complete a certain task.

You are probably methodical and efficient at many things that you do. You could also be good at math which is based on very strict rules that don't vary terribly much. Numbers are sequential and formulas don't change which is something your left brain can identify with. Because of this, you probably tend to break things down into their constituent parts instead of looking at the whole of a picture. Left-brained people also are likely to rely more on objective observations than subjective feelings. For this reason, you might find that for pleasure reading, you're more interested in the facts of nonfiction instead of the free-flow of fiction.

You probably think about things that are more straightforward and practical instead of things that are more symbolic and abstract. The one rule you're certain about in life is that there is always an answer if you approach a problem with your systematic and organized thoughts.

That's how your brain processes information. And while your dominant brain hemisphere certainly contributes to the way you process information, there is also a style of learning, unrelated to your dominant hemisphere, that determines the ways in which you are best able to pick up information. When you're learning something new, your dominant brain hemisphere will want to take over. But there are times when the information being presented is not well suited to your dominant hemisphere's abilities.

That's why, in addition to your hemispheric dominance, you also have a style of learning that is dominant for you. Whether you know it or not, you are naturally predisposed to learning things visually, aurally, or through a combination of the two.

Your test results show that you are a visual learner.

Other left-brained people who are also visual learners are Leonardo da Vinci, Sigmund Freud, and the astronomer Galileo. But before delving deeper into how you learn, you should get the basics of your brain's physiology.

The physiology of your brain
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Your brain stem controls your reflexes and involuntary functions such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion. Your cerebellum helps coordinate movement. Your hypothalamuscerebrum, or cerebral cortex, translates information transmitted from all of your sensing organs. It helps start motor functions, it controls emotions, and it is the center for all thinking, reasoning, learning, and memory. In short, it analyzes all information you feed to it.

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Right hemisphere

Similarly, the right hemisphere is not just the seat of intuition. Perhaps it is more intuitively oriented than the left, but in most cases it also identifies patterns and performs spatial analyses. This hemisphere tends to process information in non-linear ways, looking at the whole instead of all the parts that make it up.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to work with my miserable experience

Here I am, back to work again after 3 weeks of leave. Well my 1st week was enjoyable, 2nd week was tiring and boring and the 3rd week was miserable. Too long rest make me boring at home. But during that week I really learn something and I will always remember it.

I have done my operation they called it 'Cone Biopsy" on 4th February 2008 (Monday) just after we came back from our holiday in Brunei. So the doctor has given me 16 days medical leave (Including Saturday and Sunday). My next review and result of the operation supposed to be on 14th February 2008. I was so bored at home nothing to do. Just sitting and watching TV. Sometimes I brought my mother to the market near by to buy some vegetables and fish. So one day I was thinking if we can change Hakim and my mom's room during my holiday. My mom agreed with the suggestion then we start to move all the things from my mom's bedroom to other room and as well as Hakim's room. It was a day before my review on 13th.

At 12:30 midnight, I change my pad, its was almost dried that day but suddenly just after I changed my pad, I felt like a lots of water out from my thing. OH GOSH! what this..its was like wusshh!..and my pad is full not even 2 minutes. I changed again and hope the blood will stop afterwards. After I finished watching the movie of " How to lose a guy in 10 days" I went sleep.

Around 3am, I woke up caused I felt like I want to "Lu". One more time, I felt my blood is streaming out from my thing again. A lots. I waited for a few minutes sitting on the toilet bowl and hope its will end but unfortunately, it is not. My blood is not stopping. I changed my pad 2 times but it wasn't stay longer than a minutes. I felt dizzy and I told my husband about it. He brought me to the Hospital and luckily its wasn't a day time, no traffic jam and the road is clear. Thanks God. On the way to the hospital my blood does not stop even a minute, I still can felt the blood.

We reached the Hospital around 3.35am at the Emergency Room, the nurse who's on duty that night was asking me whether I still can walked or not. I still can walked actually, its just that if I walked all my blood will dropped on the floor. My husband asked her to took the wheel chair so I was pushed by the nurse inside the Emergency Room. There are 2 areas inside the Emergency Room, its Yellow Area and Red area for more critical cases. Well first I was brought to the yellow area where they start to poked me for the drip.

When I just arrived, they are not really worried about me, maybe its just a normal bleeding will stop within a moment or maybe it was a miscarriage but I wasn't pregnant. A girl doctor come to me and she try to check what is the problem, then I really can see I have a lots of blood clog. I can see the doctor clearing my blood and that time I felt like i am going to sleep and I felt like I will fainted shortly. The nurses try to wake me up, I still can hear their voices, please keep awake and try not to sleep, and they asked me a lots of question try to talk to me, but that time I was completely tired and no energy even to answer their questions. I heard the doctor saying "sambung oksigen", sambung I dont know what else they do and then suddenly I vomited and all the nurses was rushed. The Emergency siren went on and all that time I was thinking. This is it " I am going to die", The nurse keep on saying, "be strong, think of your two children at home", With my weak body and mind I cried and says a pray so that I am strong enough to face it. A lots of things in my mind, my family, my friends and so over. Can they made it before my blood is finished.

They moved my bed from the Yellow zone to the Red zone. They are really work hard for me. Just a minutes the siren went on, all the doctors who's was on standby from the Operation Theater was around me. I think five of them around me and checking my pulse and everything. One of the lady doctor start to checked where is the blood come from but they couldn't found it. For a mean while I heard they are discussing about brought me to the Operation Theater. I was a bit awake that time, after the put 2 needles at my left and right hand for the drip and oxygen in my nose and mouth.

For half an hour the doctor has succeed to stop the bleeding after they put a Vaginal pack inside to blocked the blood stream, but still they have to find the source of the blood. After an hour they moved me to the Yellow zone again. My worried has stopped and talked with my husband for a while. Suddenly, I felt it again, the blood is streaming out and this time, its could not be stop and more blood out. I heard the doctor said move her to the casualties room, where the doctor used the room for pregnant lady. That time my blood pressure went down and down and down. I felt so weak and no energy at all. Tube around me, Oxygen tube, water tube, and other doctor is taking my blood to be sent to the lab for investigation.

2 minutes later, a specialist come in and asked what is the problem. The other doctor explained, it was from my previous operation in my cervix, she can see the blood source but its too deep to make a stitch, she is not brave enough to do it. So the doctor asked the nurse to prepared what ever they have inside the room and he will do the stitching. OH MY GOD!..only god knows how I felt that time without any pain killer or anesthetic procedure. I just cried and the doctor and the nurse just tried to calmed me. "Sekejap lagi,sekejap lagi" that words I heard from the lady doctor. Its really painful but at least they know where is the blood come from. After the stitching part finished, I felt a small contraction in my uterus. Thanks god everything done at 6.00am in the morning. I can see the all the doctors felt relief.

I was given 2 pint of blood transfusion on Valentine's day and the whole day in the Hospital's bed with 2 drips in left and right hand. One for the blood and one for the water. I was asked to fasting for the whole day, afraid if anything happen I will be send to the OT (Operation Theater).

That was my valentine's day. The good news is The result of my Cone Biopsy was the CIN 3 in my Cervix has been removed and its clear. No more Pre-cancerous cell.

Alhamdulillah and thanks to all Doctors and Nurses at Hospital Likas. Your the best!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Trip to Brunei 2nd

Day 3 (29th January 2008-Teusday)

We started our day at 9:30 after breakfast and check out from The Empire Hotel. But first we have to parked our car at Rizqun Hotel International Hotel where we will be staying after we come back from the jungle. Then we directly went to the jetty of Bandar Seri Begawan for the water taxi to Bangar,Temburong. To reached the place, we have to take this water taxi all the way back to where we passed by when we were on the way to Brunei. We took an hour to ply the route to the main town of Bangar. When we reached there about 11:00am a young girl tourist guide waited for us and she introduce her self as Rose.

Water Taxi to Bangar town. They called it "flying coffin".

First we were brought to the Bukit Patoi Forest Recreational park.
Located about 15km from Bangar town is a part of Peradayan Forest Reserve which has been designated as Recreational Forest by the Brunei Forestry Department. Our Tourist guide has offered us to climb the 4,900 meters hill, but me, Aishah and my mother-in law just refused it. Its to high and I dont think I can made it with Aishah, So Hakim, my husband and Harry climbed up the hill with the guide. When they came back. Oh my god! they were sweaty like they just have a shower from the water fall. hahahahah. After the Bukit Patoi, we were brought to our place were we have to overnight and took our lunch called "Rainforest Lodge.

Where we slept overnight. Hakim is taking his afternoon nap after the boat ride.

About 2 hours of rested we were brought to experienced the boat ride through Batang Duri River. My kids, they just loves it because they like boat. But for my mother in law, she just hate it. The boat is too small, she afraid that the boat will capsized and bla..bla..bla.. But my husband just forced her to followed. She followed. Hahahaa. Its a typical Iban boat which built as a transportation to go to Ulu Temburong National Park. Boat is the only transportation, no other way. The boat ride was fun and we can enjoy the scenery along Batang Duri river. After about 15 minutes we went back. On the way back my husband did body rafting which you can jum
p into the river and just float till the lodge's jetty.

Group photo taken by our guide, my mother in law enjoying the ride and Hakim looking around.

Aishah a little tired and my husband in the river with our guide.

At the end of the day we all swimming in the river, Hakim and Aishah playing with our guide me and my husband just enjoy swimming. The real adventure will start the next day to visit Ulu Temburong National Park. 45 minutes boat riding with a small engine of boat against the stream.

Unfortunately, our Internet connection is not stable its on an off. I will stop writing about our day 3 excitement will continue another day. Sorry, you have to come back soon for more.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trip to Brunei...

Finally I had some time to write about our journey to Brunei by car. I just got back from Hospital today at 9.30pm. Now just waiting for the result of my specimen which was sent to private lab yesterday and the doctor give me 12 days of Medical leave.

Day 1 (27 January 2008-Sunday)

We start our journey from home around 8am. We reach the border of Lawas Sarawak around 11am, so pasport check out for Sabah and in for Sarawak. The children just fine and they were just sleeping all the way to sindumin.

Pic 1: My husband is busy filling up the custom form for the arrival to Sarawak
Pic 2: Aishah is busy checking on mama handbag.
Both photos taken by Mr. Hakim.

After we have 5 stamps in our pasport we stoped by at Limbang, it was around 1.30pm. We eat at KFC for the lunch at Limbang Plaza for 30 minutes then we continued our journey again. When we arrived at the border of Sarawak/Brunei (Kuala Lurah) It was traffic jammed. We waited for almost 2 hours just to get stamped to enter Brunei. We Checked in at our hotel which was located at Jerudong, around 4:30pm.

The Empire Hotel and Country Club, What a beautiful hotel and looks grand. They have their own cinema, golf club and very beautiful lakes and swimming pools.

Talking about our room. We took a twin share and double room for my mother in law.
The room is not what we were imagined but the bathroom was..WOW big, with a marble floors and walls. We have our own balcony at the back of our room, which we can seat and chatting while having a cup of coffee or tea and not forgetting the swimming pool is not far from our room and my kids loves it so much.

We were so tired after traveled so far from Kota Kinabalu to Jerudong, Brunei, so we just took a nap for an hour after we have tried the swimming pool for an hour. At 7 in the evening we drove to Gadong to find some restaurant or stall for dinner. On the way of searching the restaurant we saw a beautiful decoration of Chinese New Year. So many people just went there and took a photo. So do we, since Hakim an Aishah still addicted with the "Ratatoulle" movie we decided just stop by and took a pictures of them.

After searching for a almost 1 hour, we followed the Brunei Plate number car to look for a restaurant. We came into the central of Gadong city where we saw a lots of restaurant. But I just followed them, they want to eat pizza so do I. We have our dinner at Fratini Restaurant that night. We got back to the hotel around 10:30pm and sleep.

Day 2 (28 January 2008-Monday)

We start our day with our breakfast at a very exclusive cafe of the hotel. As plan for that day just relax at the swimming pool and rest day. We did not do so many activ
ities for that day and we only went out for dinner at Jollybee for that night.

Above Pic: Taken by Mr.Hakim during breakfast

Below Pic: The view of the cafe from ground floor of the main lobby of the hotel.
The cafe was at 3rd floor of the main lobby (5ft floor).

After breakfast we went to the e-kids club where Hakim and Aishah swimming. We did too.

That was 2 days in Brunei, I will continue the Day 3 and so on for another day. I am a bit tired and need to sleep now.