Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Uniform

I made this uniform for Aishah
Skirt and shirt, it is better for her to play and run and comfortable

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Netherlands & Belgium (Week 1)

Yes..finally we are back to Malaysia and we are getting hot again.
We are so lucky because we did not get a problem of flying back to Malaysia as a day after we are here, we heard that Britain had closed most of their airport because of the Iceland volcano's ashes. Thanks god, everything went as planned for us and here I am again to write the story of our 3 weeks of vacation.

Week 1 (24th April - 2nd May)

24th April (Sat): Woke up early for our flight to Kuala Lumpur (KL) at 7.50am and we knew that our flight to London was re-schedule to 2100hr instead of 1500hr from KL. Since we are early in KL, we decided to waste our time at the KL Bird park, KL Tower and Berjaya Times Square. We were so exhausted and I can imagine how tired was our children but I knew they were enjoy it too.

As we arrived in Netherlands, every day has been planned, so we know what we should do everyday of our vacation. As usual, I will not telling you the long story of it, let just the photos tell you the story.

Bird park, KL. For the 1st time Hakim & Aishah in KL

Wasting time at Berjaya Time Square, KL

Having a welcome drink at Petra's house on the next day.
It was a very beautiful sunny day.
From left: My Husband, Petra, Opa belanda, Saskia, Cees and Oma belanda

Hakim & Aishah enjoy playing trampoline with their cousins
From left: Kilian, Anniko, Zoe and Eloin

Car we rented for the 1st week, FIAT, Punto.

Visiting Tante Adrie for the 2nd day

Visiting Clement for the 3rd day

Hakim & Jasmine, Clement's daughter
(Photo courtesy of Clement)

Hakim & Thinker, Clement's friendly big dog and like to play
(Photo courtesy of Clement)

Playing at the children playground near by Oma house on the 4th day morning

In the afternoon, visiting Demis for his birthday and having dinner together.
From Left : My Husband, Aishah, oma belanda, opa Harry, Julien, Petra, Cees, Silas, Gidion, Hakim & Demis

Hakim & Aishah enjoying the boat rowing by papa, near by Petra's house

Visiting Burger Zoo at Arnhem on the 5th day

Lunch time at Burger zoo.

On the 6th day, we went to Belgium to visit our friends

From Left : Karin, Guido, Nathalie and Luc

We only have 1 full day at Brugge, so we managed to visit a few places and it was really wonderful and great experience for us.
Bedankt voor alles..

The Beach at De Han, Brugge.

kids doesn't want to walk.

At the Dolphinarium of Boudewijn seapark with Tuur and Merel.
(Photo courtesy of Karin)

Dolphin saying hello.

Back to Guido & Nathalie house

Children having dinner.
They were so tired and sleep early that day. While they were sleeping,
we went to Brugge for a night tour by Luc, Guido and Karin.

Brugge by night.

The biggest fun fair I ever see..this is just a part of it.
from the beginning of the city till the end of the city.

On Sunday we went back to Netherlands. Bye..bye Belgium

Back to Netherlands via Maastricht and drop by at Tante Tres's house for Om Cees birthday.
We were really enjoy for the 1st week.

The new day is coming, the bad weather is just starting.
Its raining day and cold..