Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last Weekend activity

As usual, when my Mother in law staying at the hotel, we always invited to join them swimming.
Last weekend we went to the Le Meridian Hotel for swimming. The swimming pool was nice and not so many people swimming when we were there. At first the water was a bit cold when you jump into it, but me and Hakim doesn't care about the cold. We just enjoy it. Aishah, she is a bit scared of the cold water, but in the afternoon she started to play in the pool with Hakim.

This weekend our target is Pacific Sutera

Children Pool.

The jacuzzi pool with bubbles.

View from the swimming pool--Philippine's Market

The 3 bosses

The Big Boss...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Win a Jewelery


I was looking at this website and its quit interesting for those who loves jewelery.
Maybe you want to look at it and join the competition they are having now.
Click here for more info about it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

2nd visit to Mabul-Sipadan Jan 2010

We visited Mabul & Sipadan Island last month and it was really wonderful trip even thought it was just 2 days 2 nights of staying there. This is our 2nd times of visiting this Island. We were lucky this time because we got the chanced to visit Sipadan Island which required permit to enter. Only 150 visitors can get permit from Sabah Park to enter this Island. Even sometimes it difficult to get it from them because the popularity of this Island of diving spot.
As this time, not so many tourist visited this island because of the alert published by the American embassy.

Well I can see that there are nothing to worried. Its worth if you enjoy the marine life especially divers.
For me and my husband we did snorkeling and we saw a few turtles in the water and also beautiful fishes.
My kids were also saw a few turtle on the surface and that was really great experience for them to see real turtle in the sea. While we were on the boat, they keep on looking at the water to search for turtle.

So here are some photos I would like to share

1st day at Mabul Island

Jetty to Borneo Divers Mabul Resort.

The administration and dining building.

Resort where we staying

Welcome drink and briefing about the resort.
Hakim took this Photo.

The chalet.

Our room.

The Dining Hall.

you'll find this flower every where, Bunga Raya.

And Aishah proud to decorate herself with this flower.

walking to the jetty while looking at the clear water. If we are lucky, we can see turtle and fish.
Children loves it. There are so many star fish in the water.

This is what I mean, real turtle in the sea.

Don't confused, this is not turtle or fish, he is searching for it.
Nice snorkeling in the afternoon.

2nd day at Sipadan Island

On the way to Sipadan Island.
Hakim, Oma Belanda, Aishah and Opa Harry were searching for Turtle.

Welcome to Sipadan Island

You have to register here.

The jetty.

Hakim proud of playing this motor boat for children at Sipadan

Hakim & Aishah with thier guide.

enjoy the ride

The place where all the divers rest and having their tea break.

Last day at the resort we just enjoy swimming at the pool
As usual mama is not in the photo.

The resort's swimming pool.

That was our beginning of the year 2010.
Looking forward for our next vacation.