Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Books Collection

Yesterday I bought Aishah a new coloring book, pencil case and pencil color. Before this she just watch Hakim to draw or color his coloring book because her brother doesn't want to share his color. Well, Aishah is turning 2 in a few more days so I can give her coloring book and color, even though she still young and need to practise a lot how to color. But at least she is not fighting over a pencil color with Hakim.

Aishah sticker book, coloring book and pencil case.

Wondering how many books they have for their reference. Well, they always get a book from my husband family. So most of the books are in Dutch. So sometimes they just look at the picture inside the book and learn simple dutch words. Maybe its not so many book they have but I believe its will be more than this in the future.

The collections of Rupjes Nooitgenoeg (Worms who never had enough food) , Nintje voelboek (this book is nice, you can feel the towel, swim suit, cloud, plastic swimpool, which they cut a small piece of them and stick it inside the cartoon, De Kleuren Katjes (The Colors with a lot of colorful threads inside) and a lot more and all the book are for 1-3 years old children.

Hakim's first books when he was still baby are:

2 books made from fabric and 2 books from the hard paper.

Now Hakim has this books as an additional activities for him. Luckily they know where they can find their things. When they need it, they will find it them self and start to searching it at Hakim's room. Once they grow up, they will ask more.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How Much my blog Cost

Inspired by my friend 'Aunty J':

My blog worth:$5,080.86

My blog is worth $5,080.86.
How much is your blog worth?

New Toys..

Look who get new toys, Hakim and Aishah. Its a gift from Om Joost who had visited us. He has gone back to Netherlands last Sunday. Thanks Om Joost for the wonderful gift. Hakim and Aishah loves their toys very much. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of them together with om Joost. next time lah.

This is for Aishah, a crocodile which can blow a bubbles from his mouth with a music background and move around.

Remote control car of "Lightning McQueen". Got sound and light. Can close and move his eyes. Hakim really love it. Since he get this toy, he cannot sleep without it. When the battery is weak, he go to the battery charger and connect it and say, "mama, Hakim punya kereta mau isi minyak". After a while, he go and check the car. Not only Hakim's favorite but also Papa favorite.

The good thing is I finished the scarve that I knitted for my mother in law and gave it to Joost to bring it to my mother in law house. I forgot to take the photo of the scarve, last minute punya kerja. I finish knitting and put the tassels around 11am in the morning and Joost is leaving at 4:30pm. Actualy he has finished packing since last night just waiting for my scarve to fit inside his luggage.

By the way here is the picture of the scarve before finished:

Hope she can send me a picture of she wearing my scarve in winter

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TCRS, Family Gathering and Doulos .

1) 18 October 07 dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop.

Boring of makan at home, that day we went out to "The chicken Rice Shop" for dinner with Oma, Tante Aju and Tante Dudan (Both my sisters). Sempat ambil gambar with my camera lagi. Hakim enjoy it so much and as well as Aishah.
Here some of the photos taken:

Hakim sit next to mama.

Aishah listening to mama. "Jangan main itu sudu, nanti orang marah".

Some of the food that we ordered that night.

2) 20 October 07 family gathering at my house.
We have a small family gathering last saturday, since it still Hari Raya month, I invited them to come to my house. Its nice to meet all my cousins, nieces and nephews in my house.

We met new relative from Ranau his name is Tristan. He like to play with Hakim and Aishah. He always say to me that he remember when he still small like Hakim, he is exactly like him. brownish hairs and eyes. I think he misses his mom. His mom had left them and back to England, long time ago. We call him "Gompurak"
(its a dusun word for white).

Hakim doesn't want to take a picture. He want to play.

mmm.this is not my abang ya!..

My sister and my mix Indian cousin.

Her brother and my sister

Our nephew and my sister.

I just realize I did not take a lot of picture that time..mmm..always forgot.

3) 21st October 07 visiting Doulos.

Here we come...Hakim so excited to go on board as he call it 'boat besar'. As we reach there around 1.45pm, there are so many cars looking for parking and it was so busy. luckily we get our parking even though we have to walk a few meters to the ship.

When we get to the ship, the line was not so long as we passed on the way home. We did not wait long, less then 5 minutes we were on board.

Some of the picture taken on board:

They keep on looking left and right, a lot of people. Couldn't make a better photo than this. People are just pass by.

One of the crew member, I said 'Goed middag" and she was so surprise..How did you know that? and then I said, I saw your name tag with the Netherlands flag. hehehehe.."fotoje maker met dudan".

Me, Oma and kids.

On the way back, people still waiting to go on board.

Bye..bye..we are going home.

Photoshop of course...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hari Raya 2007

Back to work after 4 days leave for Hari Raya. Not enough leave, but need to keep it for family vacation in December.

Its was very busy for us on 1st and 2nd day of Hari Raya. But after all, we enjoy it and we visited 5 houses all together for 2 days.

Hakim and Aishah with their new baju kurung and Baju Melayu made by tante Jura. Thanks Jura. This picture was taken by papa. Doesn't know exactly what they are doing but they try their best to posing.

Here is our group photo on 1st Hari Raya. Suppose my husband wearing cream color of Baju Melayu, but my father bought him a new Baju Melayu from Tawau and its fit. He choose to wear that baju Melayu.

Aishah with my youngest Sister and my 5th Sister.

My sisters from left: the 3rd, the 4th, me and the 5ft.

On 2nd day of Hari Raya we celebrate Razi belated Birthday, his mom bought him a cake for them to enjoy blowing the candles.

Baby Mizi..doing fine and getting bigger..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Selamat Hari Raya"

To all my muslim friends, I would like to wish "Selamat Hari Raya" Maaf Zahir & Batin.
Kalau ada salah dan silap harap di maafkan yang termakan terminum harap dihalalkan..dalam erti kata lain 0/0...

Besok saya cutiiiii..jumpa next week..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Western food recipe..

For those who like to eat western food, you can try this recipe. Its Simple but tasty, Mash potatoes, Chicken in black pepper and salad.

All you need:
Boneless chicken fillets
Thousand Island Salad Dressing
MAGGI " Black pepper Sauce" (in Packet)
Chicken Stock/Chicken cube.
Dutch Lady Fresh Milk.
Cooking oil or butter (whatever you prefer).
Garlic, red onion & ginger (grind or smash)
*Pandai-pandai agak berapa banyak yang diperlukan)

Mash Potatoes:
Boil potatoes for 20-30 minutes till soft. (during this time you can do the chicken)
Remove the water and smash it with large spoon . Pour little bit fresh milk depends on how many potatoes you boil. Not to much otherwise its too soft.

Clean it, mix it with the MAGGI black pepper powder together with grinned garlic, red onion and ginger. Put aside for 20-30 minutes. (During this time you can do the Salad)
After 20- 30 minutes, fry it with little bit of butter or cooking oil, put some water, chicken cube or chicken stock till the chicken fillet is tender and well cook in medium fire. Don't let the chicken dry, its better to have a little bit of sauce. You can put a little bit of water if it dry.(During this time you can smash the potatoes). Last thing you have to do, put a little bit of MAGGI Black pepper powder again to make it more tasty. Fire off and serve it with the mash potatoes and the salad.

Salad: very simple one
Wash or clean the lettuces and tomatoes. Cut it as your like and mix with the thousand island salad dressing. Put aside or put it inside the fridge if you want it to be chilled.

Nah..selamat mencuba..tidak tahu faham kah tidak ini recipe. Kalau tidak sedap boleh tambah dan buat recipe baru..

Worms in the house..

Look what we got in our house..

Two worms hanging on my mom's bed

This one called "eta"..but her sound like "orang utan"

Can't wait for Hari Raya..2 more days..

Monday, October 8, 2007

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***Start Copying Here***

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I've done my part and now I would like to pass this on to....*drum rolling*....





Friday, October 5, 2007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tagged: Embarrassing Moment

Well..I can't really remember what is my embarrassing moment, but there is a moment that I will never forget in my life.

Its happen when I just started to go to school. I was 6 years old and I did not started my study from kindergarten but primary 1. So as usual every year the school will organize a Annual sport competition (Sukan Tahunan) between a teams. That time I was in the "Blue Team" (Rumah Biru). I remember we never had a training to select who is qualified to certain games. To be honest I am not interested in sport games.

So that day, I was so excited wearing the blue t-shirt, short pants and white shinny shoes. Me and my friend was standing next to the starting line for 100 meters run for primary 1 level. We were there just to watch the race. All representative was ready in their line, except for our team. Suddenly my teacher grabbed me and said, "Janneth, sini kau, ganti orang, dia tidak datang", OH..MY GOSHH... my body was shaking, I fainted. Don't know what to say, she pulled me to the starting line and try to advised me.." bah..lari kuat-kuat ar, kasi panjang-panjang itu langkah".. I try to convinced her, "cikgu, saya tidak laju, tidak mau lah.." but she still pulled me. My body still shaking and I can felt that my tears is going to drop in a minute.

Ke garisan..(On your mark..) hand is shaking when I touch the line..and then "sedia"(set)..."lari" (Go)..When I go, I felt that my body was so light and my tears start to drop, 2nd step I run, I cannot stand. I stop and start to cried. Everybody look at me and say..aaaiiii..kenapa ko tidak lari..some of them laughing. I still can hear how they laugh at me. I was so embarrassing . Luckily my house is not far from the field where we having the sport competition. I ran to my house and cried so hard till I fall a sleep. My mom just smile at me...I did not show my face the whole day at the field. When I went to school on Monday, some of them still laughing at me..Sabar saja.

I am DONE.. Now I would like to tagged oojiez

Monday, October 1, 2007

Olaf's birthday..

27th September was my husband's birthday, I bought him a piece of Chocolate Cheese Cake from Coffee bean to show Hakim and Aishah that papa is birthday. When I got home, Hakim directly told me, Mama, "Papa to you"(means Happy Birthday to you") tadi Hakim nyanyi "to you", and I just smile. Must be my mom asked him to say "Happy Birthday" to Papa. One more time we sang him a dutch birthday song, 3 of us..

Lang zal ze leven..
Lang Zal ze leven..
Lang Zal ze leven en de gloriaaa..
En de gloriaaa..en de gloriaaaa..

Hip pi di pip ..horaaaaaaa..
Hip pi di pip..hooraaaaa..

The most enjoyed singging the song was Aishah. Afterwards we all give a kissed to Papa.. "Hartelijk Gefelicitierd"..

That night, Olaf brought us (Me, Hakim, Aishah, my mom and my sister) to his favorite restaurant 'Little Italy" of course. I told the supervisor its a special day, its Olaf's Birthday so that why he spend us makan that night...I knew that He (Olaf) doesn't like when I told its his birthday..but I just do it purposely. (I want them to sing a birthday song for him). YES..they did it, when we finished our food, Olaf has ordered an ice cream for the children and for him. suddenly one of the waiter come with a cup of ice cream and candle on it and start to sing Happy Birthday.. Hahahahahahahah..suddenly Olaf's face turned red and with his embarrassing smile...

Hope he had a good time on his Birthday..May all your dreams come true.

Tagged ..

Ohhh gosshhh..I have been taggged by Jura..tolong lah..saya tidak ingat apa-apa ni, hilang ingatan...please give me sometimes to refresh my brain and mind. Faham-faham saja lah musim puasa slow sikit fikiran ..he..he..sabar ya..