Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tagged: Embarrassing Moment

Well..I can't really remember what is my embarrassing moment, but there is a moment that I will never forget in my life.

Its happen when I just started to go to school. I was 6 years old and I did not started my study from kindergarten but primary 1. So as usual every year the school will organize a Annual sport competition (Sukan Tahunan) between a teams. That time I was in the "Blue Team" (Rumah Biru). I remember we never had a training to select who is qualified to certain games. To be honest I am not interested in sport games.

So that day, I was so excited wearing the blue t-shirt, short pants and white shinny shoes. Me and my friend was standing next to the starting line for 100 meters run for primary 1 level. We were there just to watch the race. All representative was ready in their line, except for our team. Suddenly my teacher grabbed me and said, "Janneth, sini kau, ganti orang, dia tidak datang", OH..MY GOSHH... my body was shaking, I fainted. Don't know what to say, she pulled me to the starting line and try to advised me.." bah..lari kuat-kuat ar, kasi panjang-panjang itu langkah".. I try to convinced her, "cikgu, saya tidak laju, tidak mau lah.." but she still pulled me. My body still shaking and I can felt that my tears is going to drop in a minute.

Ke garisan..(On your mark..)..my hand is shaking when I touch the line..and then "sedia"(set)..."lari" (Go)..When I go, I felt that my body was so light and my tears start to drop, 2nd step I run, I cannot stand. I stop and start to cried. Everybody look at me and say..aaaiiii..kenapa ko tidak lari..some of them laughing. I still can hear how they laugh at me. I was so embarrassing . Luckily my house is not far from the field where we having the sport competition. I ran to my house and cried so hard till I fall a sleep. My mom just smile at me...I did not show my face the whole day at the field. When I went to school on Monday, some of them still laughing at me..Sabar saja.

I am DONE.. Now I would like to tagged oojiez


  1. alaaaa neth.. sy tiada embarassing moment. hahahahah..so nothing to share :D

  2. aaaahhhh..hentam saja apa-apa pun boleh, mana tau masa ko first time sampai di US dulu..hehehehehee