Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Western food recipe..

For those who like to eat western food, you can try this recipe. Its Simple but tasty, Mash potatoes, Chicken in black pepper and salad.

All you need:
Boneless chicken fillets
Thousand Island Salad Dressing
MAGGI " Black pepper Sauce" (in Packet)
Chicken Stock/Chicken cube.
Dutch Lady Fresh Milk.
Cooking oil or butter (whatever you prefer).
Garlic, red onion & ginger (grind or smash)
*Pandai-pandai agak berapa banyak yang diperlukan)

Mash Potatoes:
Boil potatoes for 20-30 minutes till soft. (during this time you can do the chicken)
Remove the water and smash it with large spoon . Pour little bit fresh milk depends on how many potatoes you boil. Not to much otherwise its too soft.

Clean it, mix it with the MAGGI black pepper powder together with grinned garlic, red onion and ginger. Put aside for 20-30 minutes. (During this time you can do the Salad)
After 20- 30 minutes, fry it with little bit of butter or cooking oil, put some water, chicken cube or chicken stock till the chicken fillet is tender and well cook in medium fire. Don't let the chicken dry, its better to have a little bit of sauce. You can put a little bit of water if it dry.(During this time you can smash the potatoes). Last thing you have to do, put a little bit of MAGGI Black pepper powder again to make it more tasty. Fire off and serve it with the mash potatoes and the salad.

Salad: very simple one
Wash or clean the lettuces and tomatoes. Cut it as your like and mix with the thousand island salad dressing. Put aside or put it inside the fridge if you want it to be chilled.

Nah..selamat mencuba..tidak tahu faham kah tidak ini recipe. Kalau tidak sedap boleh tambah dan buat recipe baru..

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