Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photo of the Day

1st time Aishah with patch on her left eye.
She only can stand for 45 minutes. Doctor had recommended to patch her left eye 1 hour everyday. This is to avoid her right eye become lazy eye.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Just an update..

I am back updating my blog with my new story of life with my kids..lets make it simple and short.

My mom just come back from KL for her 4 days vacation with my sisters and cousins. So I took 2 days leave spending my time with my kids at home. While I took my medicine for my cough. But now, my cough is getting better and I am started of having running nose.

We attended sukaneka at Hakim school last Saturday. Its fun to see the children playing.

Hakim waiting with patient.

At the field.

Children waiting for their turn

Papa & Aishah waiting. It so hot.

Some of the games was

Filling water into the bottle using sponge.

Blowing a balloon till its blown and run to the finishing line.

And Hakim involved in collecting candy, collect as much as you can..hahaha..how many did Hakim got? 9 candies. He is trying to put the candy inside his shirt. Poor Hakim. So funny..

Last but not least,
Aishah new look with her new spectacle, officially started wearing it on last Saturday. We are happy that now she can see more clear than before.

Good news for Oma Belanda who read this post, we will visiting you next year sometimes in April. Aishah would really like to see Tulips.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding bells..

Congratulations to my sister on her wedding on 30th May 2009.
Aishah and Hakim went back to our home town earlier than me. A few days before the event. I was there on 31st (Sunday) only a few hours. We have to go back to Kota Kinabalu since we are having a new guests for our Bed & Breakfast. What a busy month in May.

Well at least I was there during the 2nd days of their wedding days. I even couldn't wait for the cake cutting ceremony..mmmm sad..But overall, they did their best. usually I will be the supervisor if I was there..heheheh..
Just want to share a few photos during that day.

Aishah with Tante Monie.

Aishah with her dress.

The wedding couple.

With brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Me, doing my part of "merenjis"

My husband with the guests.

Aishah just woke up and we are going back to KK.

Aishah with her dress made by Jura. I did not realize that I forgot to took a photo of Balqis with her dress.
By the way, thanks to Jura for the beautiful dress, she loves it so much.

Till the next wedding in the family.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our last day.

Yes.finally..this is the last story of our vacation.
Let just the photos tell the story. Starting from 9am after our last breakfast at Lagham Place.

Before we checked out, we went for swimming since they like it so much.

Finally Hakim can swim his own with the floater of course.

After swimming, we took a taxi to the China Ferry, back to Macau and stayed at this hotel for 1 night. We were at Macau around 2pm.

Our room , so big.., Its like an apartment.

Living room.

The Bath room , is bigger than you can see, as big as the bed room.
After exploring our room, we want to see the swimming pool of course.

We saw the swimming pool at the back of the hotel. We have no time to rest, we have to explore this hotel. While we were on the way to the pool side, we saw Qube, its a remarkable activity center with amazing climbing structures with slides and nets, and more computer games.

Well we have to choose, swimming or Playing?.. We decided to do both. 1st swimming, than playing. Ooo ya..for those who want to bring kids to Qube, makesure your kids wearing, long sleeves shirt, long pants and socks. Because if not, you have to buy a socks and rent a shirt or pants at this centre. Luckily we check before we go there, at least we only bought socks for Hakim and Aishah. 1 child for MOP80(RM40)/entry and adult free for the first 2 hours.

This hotel is really make you walk, from 1 place to the other place, its takes 15-20 minutes to reach. You get tired of it. Even the person who working there doesn't know how to give direction if you lost. Hahahaa..map is everywhere, but still you might be lost. I tell you..its so big..Some areas you cannot enter with the children, its Casino area. Its some kind of Venice, you can try Gondola, a boat ride around the canal inside the hotel. We didn't. We just look.

our hotel from the swimming pool

Exploring the swimming pool area.

Entrance to the Qube

Waiting area for parents. Outside Qube

Playing slide at Qube

Mama..aishah and Hakim trapped.

Canopy walk

Enjoying other games at Qube

After 2 hours waiting at Qube, finally we can go for dinner. While we are searching for our restaurant. I took a few photos from inside the Venitian


Inside Venitian, its feel like day time, but actualy it was night time.

Main lobby attraction.
Since this is our last night of our vacation, we want to have something special, we don't mind the price, just eat what we want.

so what we have for dinner..

My husband's steak, half cook.

My steak..yummy.delicioussss with mash potatoes

Family photos inside Morton's of Chicago

Aishah was so tired..she slept. We have to go..

and the bill come..

The most expensive dinner we ever had.

That was our vacation. we leave Hong kong and Macau with smile.
Hope to visit you again next time.. There are more to see.

Our plane waiting

they are waiting.