Monday, June 29, 2009

Just an update..

I am back updating my blog with my new story of life with my kids..lets make it simple and short.

My mom just come back from KL for her 4 days vacation with my sisters and cousins. So I took 2 days leave spending my time with my kids at home. While I took my medicine for my cough. But now, my cough is getting better and I am started of having running nose.

We attended sukaneka at Hakim school last Saturday. Its fun to see the children playing.

Hakim waiting with patient.

At the field.

Children waiting for their turn

Papa & Aishah waiting. It so hot.

Some of the games was

Filling water into the bottle using sponge.

Blowing a balloon till its blown and run to the finishing line.

And Hakim involved in collecting candy, collect as much as you many did Hakim got? 9 candies. He is trying to put the candy inside his shirt. Poor Hakim. So funny..

Last but not least,
Aishah new look with her new spectacle, officially started wearing it on last Saturday. We are happy that now she can see more clear than before.

Good news for Oma Belanda who read this post, we will visiting you next year sometimes in April. Aishah would really like to see Tulips.


  1. So cute si Aishah in her purple-framed spectacles... No worries Neth, like you said lah, at least now she can see clearer and hope that her eyesights will get better as she grows up kan... Btw, si Hakim pun cute in his sportswear.. hehehe...

  2. Kesian juga, but better for her as well. Nasib dia suka pakai. Since the 1st time dia pakai belum lagi dia buka-buka la. Kalau dia mau tidur and mandi saja dia buka spec.

  3. Aishah is beautiful with or without glasses!