Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nexus Karambunai, Pool Villa

Just got back from our weekend holiday and we really had a wonderful time.
By the way, wishing "Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd" to my Husband who is turning .... yesterday and also wanna thank you for the wonderful weekend we have. 
We love you..xoxoxo
Talking about our short weekend holiday, it was at Nexus Residence Karambunai with "Pool Villa".
It was a beautiful place and I can tell you this is very good for those who want to have romantic honeymoon. Well, since I am not a good story teller, let just the photos tell you how wonderful the place is..

We were here Pool Villa 147 Beach View

Kitchen with microwave, fridge and electrical gas.

Master bedroom
Master Bathroom with Jacuzzi
Twin Share Room
Just a step to the Swimming pool
They just can't resist to swim everyday
View From the back side of the Villa

View from Master Bed room
Small swimming pool for children
You can even open the door from the Master bedroom and play with you children at the pool
Everyday you'll see this beautiful scenery
White Sandy and clean beach

Playing at the beach
and of course you will be one of the happy and satisfy customer
Everyday you will see this spectacular Sunset if it is not raining

Till the sun disappear

Enjoying dinner in the hotel
As well as the children
When tomorrow come, here we are again enjoying the swimming pool and the scenery while resting from the noises of busy life of the city.
Now I understand why "some say it's Heaven".

Not forgetting my two lovely kids that never coming out from the pool
I am sure they will remember this wonderful short holiday

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Trip to Keningau

Visiting my cousin's Hari Raya Open house at Keningau last Sunday, 19th September.
 My husband was having a day trip to National Park and Hot Spring with his customers so he could not joined us on that day, I have to drove my small VIVA myself. 
For me, this is my 1st time driving via Kimanis-Keningau road. Thinking about the long hilly road make me so nervous. But at last, was a very good experience for me I was just afraid my small car will not able to drove up but luckly "he" is able to do so.[relief]

Started our journey around 9:30am from our house.
Aishah before we left.

Hakim & Oma while waiting for me to get ready.
Here we started to climb the hilly road

Long way to go up..
The Crocker Range

Pit stop
My cousin (Red) with her family and Hakim
Aishah & Oma
and of course the driver herself
Last hill we have to faced before going down hill to Keningau town
At my cousin house for a few hours
Short nap for driver.
Drove back to Kota Kinabalu around 2:00PM, drop by at Keningau's Market to buy my mom's favorite

"Sigup Keningau"
We have misty road on the way down to Kota Kinabalu in the afternoon.
But not so bad as what I experienced at Kota Kinabalu-Ranau road.
Another Pit Stop on the way back to Kota Kinabalu
Aishah want to take a photo
Reached Papar around 3.30PM and went to another Raya Open house at Beringgis Papar.
The house from my Brother In Law niece and it was in the Chicken Farm, Aishah was amazed by the chicken she saw.
Aishah said "Chicken house" 
Got home around 5:30PM and we are all exhausted.