Monday, October 18, 2010

School Visit To Jabatan BOMBA

It was on 16th October 2010 (Saturday), School had organized a visit to the firefighter Department. Both of them were really excited and everyday since I got the letter from the school on Monday, they keep on asking me, "Mama, besok pigi Bomba kah" (Mama, are we going to the firefighter department tomorrow). Well..well..well..that how excited they were. So on Friday, I told them, you have to wake up early tomorrow because you are going to visit BOMBA. They slept early that night and Aishah was the 1st one who woke up and she was so busy waking us up.

 Unfortunately, I can't go with them to help my husband with his B&B guests since my mom was taking leave for a few days. But luckily my brother was available on that day so I've asked him to accompany my 2 excited kids.My Brother told me that they were early at BOMBA and waited for almost an hour before the rest of the student were arrived, they even got a chance to sit at the nearby cafe to have a breakfast and look around. Well at least they are happy they arrived at the BOMBA office earlier than the rest.

Here are a few photos taken by my brother during that visit:
At the entrance
With Firefighter truck
Get bored from waiting other to arrive
Other student arrive
Waiting for instruction
Waiting for the briefing to be started.
Enjoy to do the rolling part when the firefighter told them what to do if got fire.
Outdoor activity time
Exploring the Firefighter's truck and equipment
Hakim inside the truck
Aishah enjoying her self inside the truck
Demo from the firefighter
Time for children to try to hold and see how strong is the water is.
Eheeemmm.. Hakim favorite girl, Rosalinda.
Happy children after the outdoor activities
Group photo of  Tabika KEMAS Kg Ganang, Kepayan with their parents.
What a excited day for them.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Cousins

 Introducing new cousins of Hakim & Aishah. 
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 Name : Aidil Syazwan (Boy)
Born on 26th June 2010 at 4:16pm with the weight of 1.95kg and 40cm long.
He is now 3 months old and current weight is 3.8kg. Hakim & Aishah really love to kiss him.

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Name : Nur Husna (Girl)
Born on 30th September 2010 at 9:05am with the weight of 2.4kg and 45cm long.
She is 4 days old, Hakim & Aishah hope to see her soon.

They all can't wait for both of their new cousins to grow up and play with them.

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