Monday, December 31, 2007


To all my friends and family, may this new year brings you more happiness, lucks and good health.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blessed By Two

The two of you will never know
How much my love has grown
To be blessed by two

From the moment you were conceived
You were all that I would ever need
To hold you, comfort you and love you both
Is all that I could ever hope

You were my life
You were my hope
To see you both happy
Is my only hope

My happiness has been through you
I loved you both before you were you
There were aches and pains but it was worth it all
I could not foresee what was to be

From the first moment I held you both
My love has only continued to grow
There have never been two children as beautiful as you

I am so proud of both of you
the good lord was good to me
And making you both my destiny

Grow up and be strong but don't forget about me
Your future are bright, as anyone can see
Remember me more than just a face
I will continue to thank god everday
For my role that I have played
As I have been blessed by two..

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

B&B New rooms

Yesterday we manage to take a picture of our new rooms of our Bed & Breakfast for my husband's customers.

Double Room.

Twin share Room.

Each room we provide towels and mineral waters.

Other services, Laundry, Internet, river cruise, transportation for checking in and out and Tour packages.

Every guest who come to our house will enjoy the scenery of the paddy field and the mount Kinabalu view.

More pictures to be hang on the wall:

Monday, December 24, 2007


I would like to wish Merry Christmas to everyone and enjoy your holiday. So do I..hehehehehe

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hakim, Sanne and Lisa

I was looking at my husband website and it happen I saw this photo of Hakim with our B&B guests 7 months ago. They were riding a boat to Monsopiad cultural Village. Look at Hakim, control handsome naik boat with 2 girls Sanne and Lisa. This is what my little boy's favorite, naik boat bapa.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Today is the day...after missing them for a few days, tonight I'll see them again. I am so happy they are going home. Since last sunday, I kept on calling my mom how was my kids at Lohan (my kampung)

I heard from my mom that everyday, my little princess woke up early and she will sing and talk alone. I know she will be the first one who wake up.Their everyday activities are chasing chicken, playing bicycle with their cousin radzi, eating rodzi's mom buns, and chasing each other around the house.

Today my husband will fetch them and I can't wait to see and hear the story from them.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Good Day

Today me and my friend Jura plan to meet our old friends Ujie and Yone at our favorite restaurant called "Wan Wan'. We loves to go there because of the fish soup they serve. Well, we meet there during lunch time and talk about yone experience with her new office environment. I can imagine how is the feeling of having new friends and new job after 5 years working and doing the same job. All we have to say to yon, just be patient and try to get use of the new environment and job.

Fazerah's new born baby girl

Than late in the afternoon, me and Jura recieve a good news, our friend Fazearh just give birth at 11.00am at Sabah Medical Centre. Congratulations! to her and the husband for the beautiful baby girl. Now her little Mehrnaz has a new sister. Great. Actually I just come back from visiting her, she is fine and the baby as well.

That was my day.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wanna Try your luck?

Hi, I took this regional travel survey supported by Tourism Malaysia and it offers many exciting rewards including a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Just click on the link below for further information.

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