Friday, December 7, 2007

Good Day

Today me and my friend Jura plan to meet our old friends Ujie and Yone at our favorite restaurant called "Wan Wan'. We loves to go there because of the fish soup they serve. Well, we meet there during lunch time and talk about yone experience with her new office environment. I can imagine how is the feeling of having new friends and new job after 5 years working and doing the same job. All we have to say to yon, just be patient and try to get use of the new environment and job.

Fazerah's new born baby girl

Than late in the afternoon, me and Jura recieve a good news, our friend Fazearh just give birth at 11.00am at Sabah Medical Centre. Congratulations! to her and the husband for the beautiful baby girl. Now her little Mehrnaz has a new sister. Great. Actually I just come back from visiting her, she is fine and the baby as well.

That was my day.

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  1. Hi Neth..thanks..Hopefully i could adapt with the new environment soon...still missing u gals out there...jumpa lagi kita ah!