Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre

Visited this place a few week ago and we really have a great fun.
This was our first time trying to do the wall climbing. My kids, not bad for the beginner.
At first my boy was a bit scared but then at last he did it till the top. My little princess was quit adventurer as well but she did not tried a lot. She is more interested to play with her friends than trying to reach the top.
Well here are our photos for sharing..


Me also want to try
Me accompany Hakim

Hakim did it to the top

Monday, April 2, 2012

The new and old story continue

What can I say.. I've been so lazy to post a blog recently since I got my iphone 4S.
mmm..maybe because too many to explore and game that this gadget provided. But today, I am trying to finished the story that I have started long time ago. But before I start I would like to introduce new nephew of mine.

Here he is..
Name: Abdul Rahman
DOB: 29.03.2012
Weight: 3.25kg

Ok..let start with my story of 3D2N Mulu.
The 2nd day of our trip to Mulu, after breakfast we were departed from our resort with a motorize longboat going up river against the many rapids, poling in the crystal clear water of Melinau river to visit Wind Cave, Clearwater Cave with picnic lunch at Clearwater spring. It took about 2 hours ride while in the middle of the trip we stop by at the local village which selling souvenir for tourist.
The motorize longboat
Sleepy face
Excited faces
Some of the souvenir they sale.
group photo with our guide
so many step inside the cave
Swiming at the river which was come from the cave. Very cold.
Clearwater from the cave
After we have our lunch, we go back to our resort and took a nap.
Woke up at 4 pm and done a bit hiking at the hill nearby before dark.

My husband looking at the sky, worried it will rain soon

Individual photos of us..
The princess
The King
The Prince
The Queen :P
  Not forgetting our private guide
Unknown but she accompany us from the climbing till we went down.
That was our last day in Mulu.
The next day we went to the airport, we could not get the flight back to Kota Kinabalu. They said that we only can fly to Miri, which shocked us. But we were really lucky that day, we manage to get into the same flight back to Kota Kinabalu even though we have to sit far from each other.
Well that was my long story end.