Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ben 10

Sorry! the picture is blur, I am using my handphone camera

I don't know whether you know about this "Ben 10" cartoon, but for Hakim, this is his favorite cartoon. He watch it everyday till one day he saw the watch of Ben 10 wore by a chinese kid. Since then, his wishlist was the Ben 10 watch. What can we say, everyday he is asking for it, every morning when he wakes up, everytime when me or my husaband coming home, he will ask "have you buy my Ben 10?". We actually looking for it, every where, even at the biggest Toy's shop in KK, but they are all sold out.

So finally today, I check at Parkson Grand, where I find the only Ben 10's watch left. I just buy it for Hakim, even though the price is a bit out from my, he is playing with it and really happy that I buy it for him. He was sleeping when I got home and then he hear I say "Ben 10" suddenly he is crying from his room. In fact, this morning my husband bring him to 1Borneo just to search for his "Ben 10" but they couldn't find it. He just sad and want to tell me the story. BUT, when he see the watch I buy, hehehheeee..He smile and you can see his satisfy face..finally.

And what did my little princess want?
Just an RM3.90 accessories...

Black and white bootie

I knitted this booties last night and I only manage to knit one of it.
Still need to improve some of the pattern. Its actually from the pattern of "Converse booties".

Friday, August 29, 2008

Me at epal class today

Photo taken by zura while all our teachers went out for lunch.
Not much we done in 2 hours. Tomorrow will continue more.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to David

We attended our friend's son 2nd birthday last Saturday. The owner of beautiful house called "Sinurambi", we knew them 5 years ago from my husband dutch friend. David's birthday party was a bit delay because they waited for his brother to visit them.

We arrived early, so the children get a chance to enjoy playing at the pool

A big castle infront of the house, special for children who came that night.

Thomas Chocolate cake, special baked for David

Carrot cake

Just after we done singing the birthday song,
David was crying, exactly what he did last year

Cute chubby David is crying, looking at his cakes

Candles blowing.

Hakim is looking at David's gift, Thomas & Friends musical book.

That was it, we really enjoy the party, meeting with a new friends and chit chat with them.

Tulip Cushion Cover

Here is my first project:

The front cover is finished.

Welcome to my new blog

Yes..I have started my class of sewing yesterday..hehehehee..
24th August 2008. I am doing my first project, Cuishion cover...

Meet my cyber's friend, Aleesa. 1st time meeting with her. She baked us a chocolate cake..yummy..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My 1st kit this kits today..
Wonder what is inside the kits. .

book and cd together with the certificate of bond

project of Tulip's quilt cushion cover

Project making of apple fruit.

Can't wait to follow the sewing course, I knew some of my friends already started their project.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy for a while

I've been busy recently, due to many request of making their cardigan, booties and soaker. Currently I am doing my friend's cardigan. Hope I can finished it on time. Once I finished my project I'will upload the photo of it inside this blog. Thanks for visiting my blog and do come back next time for more knitting finished project.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New assistant in the office..

Its was on Hakim's Birthday celebration at school so she followed me to her brother's school. After we finished, its seem like the time is still early and need to fetch Hakim afterwards. We cannot wait Hakim there, at his school, so I was thinking to go to my office, near by while I am waiting for Hakim. Look who like to work.. of course my little girl..

Tisya & Qathreena with their soaker

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Favorite..

I've teached my little princess of my old song which I like the most when I was little girl. We have a game when we sing the song with the action some more.
She still learning but she can remember the song very well.
Its just her pronunciation is a bit difficult to understand.

The lyric was :
Putih-putih Melati, Ali Baba,
Merah-merah delima, Pinochio,
Siapa yang baik hati, Cinderella,
Tentu di sayang mama. (and then she hug me..hehehee)

Finished Project : Soaker

Finally finished with Oojiez's Soaker.
Its ready to be collected.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend at Itoh's place

This is always what the children want. Swimming with papa. We visited our Japanese friend a few week ago. He lives at "The Peak" condominium, we went swimming with him but unfortunately I did not have a chance to take a photo of him. I even does not have a chance to took a photo of the Japanese food he prepared for us that night. Gossh, our camera's out of batteries . I only manage to took a few photos, sorry Itoh, next time I'll take a photo of you with the children.

Children swimming with papa.
*why Hakim never look at the camera

What a high condominium

Itoh's apartment with the folded curtain.

Inside his house.
Children watching TV while Itoh is preparing our dinner for that night

Monday, August 11, 2008

How to do the Purl Stitch

1 With yarn at front of work, insert right-hand needle from right to left through front of first stitch (st) on left-hand needle.

2 Wind yarn around right-hand needle. Pull yarn through stitch (st).

3 Slip original stitch (st) off needle. Repeat (rep) these steps until all stitches (sts) on left-hand needle have been transferred onto right-hand needle to complete one row of purling.

Courtesy of : Bernat

Friday, August 8, 2008

Win a cute "Birdie Says Mug"

My favorite cute and simple mug by Gisele Jaquenod and more cute mugs at "Birdie says" site. Wanna win this mug for your self, check it out here.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Win a Birdie Says Mug!

What a beautiful cuties mug..I love it so much..
The designer of this mug is the designer of my blog template. Why don't you check her blog and find out more to get this pretty mug..there are a lots more mugs that she design and there are all beautiful and cute..check it out HERE and win your favorite mug..

2nd Soaker for Oojiez..

Another soaker for Oojiez..this one is for 2-3 years size.
With my first ribbon label on it.

The Celebration..

So, everything done with Hakim's birthday at school. There are 7 more other kids which are born in August, they celebrate it together. Aishah is so exciting having Hakim's friends around especially at Hakim's class. They are all care of Aishah. Every time Aishah is gone, they are all shouting "where is Aishah"..Aishah just goes around exploring every things she saw. I take a few photos and a video of the birthday party this morning so enjoy..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Special Cake for Hakim

Here is my cake for first attempt of decorating cake..
Just a simple Golden butter cake with his favorite hero, ULTRAMAN..

Number 4 for ...

Look Who is turning to 4 today, 06.08.08...Our dearest HAKIM AQMAR T.
Congratulations!..he will celebrate his bitrhday tomorrow at his school and mama will make a cake for him..dont forget to check on my first birthday cake..

May your life full with happiness and love around you..
Loves and kisses from mama..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Qhareef and Qeisya

Qhareef and Qeisya's Birthday on 2nd Aug 08

We attended Qhareef and Qeisya Birthday last saturday, we were late and couldn't get the chance to take a photo of their birthday cakes and cutting cake ceremony.
As usual meeting with old friends and the children of them. For the first time I brought our camera with me and I asked Alice to take a photos of that day, thanks Alice.

Aishah cried that day because, she was shocked when her ballon blown. Its just a game..who can protect his/her ballon till the last person, she/he will win. The only person who doesn't know the game's rule was Aishah, so she just stand there watching others playing. She thought that the ballon at her ankle is just for fun, but actually not. One of the player saw Aishah's ballon and she step on it.."POOP" Aishah cried..kesian..terkejut..we are all laughing..hahahahaa..Hakim?..I dont know where he is..He is always want to play with Qhareef's mini motobike, so he is somewhere inside or outside the house looking for something he can play with, that my Hakim.

Whatever it is, Happy Birthday for Qhareef and Qeisya and hope you like the gift we bought you.

How to do Knit Stitch

1. Hold the needle with cast on stitches (sts) in your left hand, and the loose yarn attached to the ball at the back of work. Insert right- hand needle from left to right through the front of the first stitch (st) on the left-hand needle.

2. Wind the yarn from left to right over the point of the right-hand needle.

3. Draw the yarn through this original stitch (st) which forms a new stitch (st) on right-hand needle.

4. Slip the original stitch (st) off the left-hand needle, keep- ing the new stitch (st) on the right-hand needle.

5.To knit a row, repeat steps 1 to 4 until all stitches (sts) have been transferred from left-hand needle to right-hand needle. Turn the work by transferring the needle with stitches (sts) into your left hand to knit the next row.

Courtesy of: Bernat