Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Special Cake for Hakim

Here is my cake for first attempt of decorating cake..
Just a simple Golden butter cake with his favorite hero, ULTRAMAN..


  1. MrsBaDaK @ JocelynAugust 7, 2008 at 8:29 AM

    Wah ! Buli tahan kau ni Neth !!! Lawa tu cake oh... the ultraman figurines pun CUTE betul... I bet Hakim really LOVES his birthday cake especially made for him by his talented & loving mommy :-D... Kasih cium si Hakim di pipi on behalf kio.. kasitau dia, Aunty Jo ckp "Happy 4th Birthday Hakim" !

  2. wahhh no bad oh for a first cake Neth!! :)

    HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY HAKIM!! Hugs and kisses from Tante Joyce :)

  3. Belajar-belajar, boleh lah..

  4. Boleh tahan sdh deco cake ko tu neth. Cake pun ko yg bikin ka?
    A'way, Happy 4th Bday to Hakim!
    *hugssss for Hakim*

  5. kalau buat cake..pandailah..tapi decorating..first time ni..hahahaa. But itu cake saya beli saja yg sudah mix sedia. malas lagi mau beli banyak bahan. tambah butter saja sama telur.

  6. That's one spiffy cake, Neth! Kudos to you!!
    These are the times when I wish I had an oven :] but thinking about my body yg seksa ini, maybe it's a blessing I don't have one... Hehehehe