Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to David

We attended our friend's son 2nd birthday last Saturday. The owner of beautiful house called "Sinurambi", we knew them 5 years ago from my husband dutch friend. David's birthday party was a bit delay because they waited for his brother to visit them.

We arrived early, so the children get a chance to enjoy playing at the pool

A big castle infront of the house, special for children who came that night.

Thomas Chocolate cake, special baked for David

Carrot cake

Just after we done singing the birthday song,
David was crying, exactly what he did last year

Cute chubby David is crying, looking at his cakes

Candles blowing.

Hakim is looking at David's gift, Thomas & Friends musical book.

That was it, we really enjoy the party, meeting with a new friends and chit chat with them.

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