Thursday, July 31, 2008

Teachable Moment

Well, I saw this article from, so just to share with you all. Take advantage of everyday chances to share life lessons with your child. Happy reading!

Everyday Lessons

You probably do so many chores each day that you don't even give them a second thought, but they're actually a great way to help your child discover new things about the world around him. Children learn by show-and-tell. They watch you pay bills, do the dishes, and drive the car, but they probably don't understand how and why you're doing those things unless you tell them. Every place you take your child can easily be transformed into an instant classroom where you can teach him skills that will help make him a self-sufficient, well-rounded person. You just need to seize these teachable moments.

In the Car
You spend lots of time traveling with your kids. Grab their attention with a lesson about the rules of the road, and you might actually help delay the inevitable question, "Are we there yet?"

Little-kid lessons: Talk through each step: buckling your seat belt, using a key to start the car, and putting in gas so the car will go. Explain that it's the law to stop at red lights, slow down at yellow, and go at green so that cars coming from different directions will each have a turn and no one will get hit. Say, "We pull over for ambulances and fire trucks if their sirens are on because that means they need to get to an emergency quickly." Your kids will start to understand why you need to focus on the road when you're driving.
Big-kid concepts: Point out the speed-limit signs, explain why it's important to follow them, and show how to read the speedometer. Let your older child be your copilot (he can learn to read the map and follow driving directions). Teaching kids about streets and landmarks helps them develop a general awareness of their surroundings.

In the Laundry Room
Doing the wash is a great way to involve kids in housework. Teaching your child this chore will also ensure that your future college student won't be sending her dirty laundry home from the dorm.
Little-kid lessons: Help your child practice basic classification skills by sorting whites and colors. Tell her, "When clothes get wet in the washer, sometimes the dye that makes them different colors gets washed off. Since we don't want the dye to make our white clothes red or blue or purple, we keep colored clothes in a separate load." She can also start folding easy items like towels and pillowcases (teach her to match up the corners) and pairing up socks. She'll feel empowered, and she'll also begin to understand how families work together to get things done.
Big-kid concepts: Your older child can measure and pour the detergent, and fold and put away the laundry. You can even begin explaining the different washer and dryer settings so she can eventually complete this chore on her own.

At a Restaurant
A family dinner out is the perfect opportunity to teach table manners and proper public behavior.

Little-kid lessons: Model good restaurant etiquette for your child, and describe your behavior to help make it clear how you expect her to act and why. Tell her you speak softly and sit still so you don't disturb other people, that you chew with your mouth closed and use utensils properly to be polite, and that you say "please" and "thank you" to show your appreciation.
Big-kid concepts: Allow your child to order her own food, which lets her practice speaking to adults. You can also teach her about money by showing her the bill and giving her paper and a pencil to check to see that the total was added up correctly. (She can even do this on a napkin while you're waiting for your order at the pizzeria.)

Running Errands

At the Grocery Store
When you cook a meal, you have to think ahead, follow a plan, and make choices. Let your child help you at the supermarket so he can practice these skills.
Little-kid lessons: Have him draw a shopping list with pictures, or cut out magazine photos of items you usually get and paste them into a notebook he can take with him. Then have him look for them on the shelves as you go through the store. Whenever possible, give him a choice and let him make a decision. ("There are red and green apples. Which do you like better?")
Big-kid concepts: Have your older child write out his own grocery list with foods for his lunch box and snacks. Discuss together what will make your final cut and why. (A rule like "we can't buy anything with sugar as one of the first four ingredients" will get him reading nutrition labels and making healthy decisions.) Have him look through newspapers to clip coupons for items your family usually buys. You can even help him start to budget by letting him spend some of his allowance on a treat you wouldn't usually buy him.

At the Bank
Teach your child about budgeting by talking him through your trip to the ATM or your conversation with the bank teller.
Little-kid lessons: Explain the basics of keeping money in the bank: It's safe there because you know you won't lose it. (When you put -- or "deposit" -- money into a savings account, the bank pays you a little more money -- called "interest" -- for keeping it there. And when you need it, you can take it out -- or "withdraw" it.) Have your child count your bills for you; it will expose him to basic finance concepts.
Big-kid concepts: Narrate the process of writing out a check (show him what you write in each space and explain that the check lets the bank know it's okay to take money out of your account and pay it to the person you've written the check to), balancing a checkbook ("I subtract the amount of the check from my total balance, so I know how much money is left in my account"), filling out a deposit slip ("When someone writes a check to me, this is how I make sure the money gets into my account"), and going through the ATM instructions.

At the Post Office
Sending letters encourages reading and writing. Teaching your child to send thank-you notes for presents is an ideal way to introduce him to the mail system (and reinforce good manners).
Little-kid lessons: Explain that you have to pay money to send a letter, and have him help you pick out stamps, put them on the envelope in the right spot, and put the letter in the mailbox. Even just signing his name on a letter will help him practice handwriting and encourage communication and creativity. Explain that when you put letters in the mailbox, the postal worker takes them to the post office, where they're sorted. Then each one is delivered to the address you wrote on the envelope.
Big-kid concepts: Older children can write letters and address envelopes themselves. You might also use a map to mark where you're sending the letters and teach geography. A pen pal or Flat Stanley Project can inspire literacy and teach social-studies lessons.

Sources: Vicki Caruana, author of Giving Your Child the Excellence Edge: 10 Traits Your Child Needs to Achieve Lifelong Success; Amy James, author of the Knowledge Essentials book series; United Way's

Friday, July 25, 2008

1 year and 10 days old

I almost forgot that my blog is 1 year old..hehehee.. I just realize that I created this blog last year in July, so I check my 1st post was on 16th July 2007.
Happy belated birthday my "Masterpiece"

Poor Hakim..

My Hakim got a 3 days old scar, luckily not in his eye. Kesian. He was playing with the children of our B&B customer, he pushed Hakim when Hakim doing his crawling action. What to do..boys, playing too much this is what they get..

Ribbon Label

My own label with my name on it..
Next time I can use this label for my knitting project.
Thanks to Jura for introducing me to Ribbon Heaven who has made me this beautiful ribbon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Durians time..

Eating favorite fruit. They called it "The King of fruit" but the westerner call its "Stink fruit" husband was not at home last sunday, he went to National park and Hot Spring with his customer. What we did..MAKAN DURIAN..I asked my sister to get it from the night market at Segama. RM8/kilo..apa lagi berabis lah makan.


Me, enjoying my durian. Photo taken by Hakim

This half Asian and half western is also like durian..but not much, at least they eat a bit..the rest let mama finished it..hahahahaha

Sampai duduk atas meja some more...the only person who has clean hand is Hakim, so he took the photo of us eating durian.

The last durian..who's get it..ME..hahahahahaaa

Worth it...

My First Award

Receive this "Creative Blogger Award" from Aleesya, knew her through blogging.
Thanks Aleesya..

Here is the award:

It has been done according to the following rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.

2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.

3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.

5. Leave a message for your nominees.

I pass this award to below friends because I knew that they are creative too.

1. Aunty J
2. Oojiez
3. Chokilala
4. StoryMory
5. Deana

I hope you like it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Knitting tools

I was arranging my knitting tools last night and I thought maybe its better I take a photo of them and put it inside my blog. Wanna know what they are:

The most important things are :

My collection of straights needles, my 4mm is missing in this photo, my aunty borrowed it and not including my bamboo needles.

My collection of circular and double pointed needles. 3 needles missing in this photo, my 8mm (borrowed by my cousin), 4mm and 4.5mm ( still attached with my current project)

My Crochet hooks.

My Cable needles (But never use it)

My other tools, rows counter, all sizes of stitch holder, darning needles, bobbins, Stitch marker, gauge checker, ribbons, small flowers and etc.

My yarns that ready to be use but not sure when

My Knitting kits

My cute measurement tape, gift from Jura.

My knitting books and magazines. my tools and accessories enough?..I think so. I'll get it slowly.

Romance Mathematic.. this formula from my friend ct.
Happy reading..

Smart man + smart woman = romance
Smart man + dumb woman = affair
Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy....:P

Smart boss + smart employee = profit
Smart boss + dumb employee = production
Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion
Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime..:)

A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.
A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend
A successful woman is one who can find such a man....:o

What say U?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Shine by Yahoo

"Shine" I'm not sure whether you gals know about this site or not, but I just open it and its look good for women and besides most of the topic they discussed is about fashion and beauty, healthy living, entertainment, parenting and etc. Do visit the site and get a lot of sharing info from them.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Irish Moss Stitch Bootie

Irish Moss Stitch (not so clear, sorry)

I knitted this booties last night.
I only manage to knit 1 of it. Look cute for new born baby

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Figuring out my 4

Times are running so fast and a few weeks more my son will turned to 4. Well, I just can't believe it. A lot of people thought that he is 5, but he is not. So what do I get with 4 years old boy..

Your 4-year-old now

Welcome to a year that's full of building on old skills while picking up brand-new ones at breakneck speed. Four is typically a lively, energetic, and sociable year. Confident about basics like speaking, running, drawing, and building things, your child is ready to use these skills to the fullest. Even more reserved 4-year-olds tend to enjoy the company of adults and children of all ages, from the smallest babies (next to whom they feel "so big") to the oldest great-grandparents (with whom they can often connect on the simple level of enjoying a moment together). Everybody seems fascinating now, from the mail carrier to cousins to random new faces on the playground.

Your life now

Your child's birthday probably brought a few (or more than a few) new toys into your house. Time for the post-birthday purge. Look through your child's play things to figure out what hasn't seen any action in a while and might be expendable. It's easiest to give toys away on the sly. If you ask permission, your child is apt to insist on saving everything, but at this age she isn't likely to notice the disappearance if it's not mentioned. (If you're worried, you could put outgoing toys into purgatory in the garage for a week or so to make sure they're not missed before heaving them for good.) Charities such as Goodwill, family shelters, day cares (especially at religious centers or other nonprofits), and fund-raising bazaars may welcome toys that are in good shape. And you'll be glad to have less clutter around the house.

It's also wise to start hiding away some of the toys you decide to keep and bringing them out periodically in rotation. A child who has too many toys around can have a hard time focusing on anything for very long. Having fewer playthings helps create a sense of order, which is calming for both of you.

Article courtesy of

Well, since he still have a sister, they still play together sometimes. But most of their toys are inside our store room. Maybe when Aishah turn to 4 then.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hakim and Aishah

I bought new shirt for Hakim yesterday and I can't wait to see him wearing it.
Not forgetting Aishah, her favorite Mickey Mouse shirt, but its for boy not for girl but she insist to wear it..too big

FO : Alice's soaker

Here is my 100% complete work.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Aishah with her new world

Watch my little princess dancing while her lip miming sometimes make me smile and laugh. She try to remember the lyric of her favorite song and she always ask me to played her favorite song from Disney movie theme song like "Beauty and the Beast" and this song from "Alladin", The Whole new World over and over again. All the Disney's theme songs she call "Cinderella's song". If she said "pasang cinderella" thats mean she ask us to play the Disney's CD. When the song start to play, you can see her hand will be open and turning, turning,turning..I think she is interested with ballet, don't you think so?

Recently she watch the Tarzan movie from Disney Channel and now she also like the theme song of Tarzan "You'll Been My hearth" by Phill Collins. She call this song "Tarzan song", and I tell you she is a good listener and she can remember the song very quick. From the Tarzan song, she remember the chorus of it.

70% of Alice Soaker

I am almost done with my 3 months old baby's soaker. Here are the pic of it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chocolate a day

I know, everybody loves chocolate, you can't resist it, don't you?. I saw this article at Yahoo so I read it. You know why?, because my family loves chocolate very much and I am also worried about it. But after reading this article, my worry is lesser than before. So go on and read.

Gifts of chocolate may warm your heart, but is chocolate also good for your heart's health? As this ScienCentral News video explains, researchers have uncovered why it may be.

Lessons from Chocolate Cheaters

It's hard to resist chocolate. So when volunteers for a recent Johns Hopkins University study were instructed not to eat it, some of them indulged anyway.

"Less than 10 percent couldn't quite stay away from taking some type of chocolate. And they admitted to taking some chocolate," says biologist Nauder Faraday, a professor at Johns Hopkins University. Faraday and co-author Diane Becker were studying aspirin's power against blood clots in people at risk for heart disease in the Genetic Study of Aspirin Responsiveness

The researchers were focusing on aspirin's effect on the blood, so before the experiment began, they tried to ensure that volunteers had a similar diet. Previous studies found that large amounts of chocolate have been linked to benefits of the heart. So the "chocolate offenders" were disqualified from the aspirin study. But the amount of offenders gave the researchers a unique opportunity:

"There was very little information about the use of routine chocolate," he says.
So the researchers compared blood tests from the chocoholics with those who didn't eat chocolate. They found that chocolate had effects similar to aspirin. "What we saw in this case was that as blood is flowing through a tube, it stays fluid for a longer period of time. Because the platelets are not as able to clump together and block a hole," Faraday says.
Platelets serve to clot blood. If blood vessels are narrowed by coronary artery disease, platelets can jam up and possibly lead to a heart attack.

Faraday was surprised to see that even small amounts of chocolate led to a reduction in the "stickiness" of platelets for at least 24 hours. "If you take chocolate in your usual diet, it does have the ability to make your platelets less sticky. The effect that we saw with casual chocolate, routine chocolate [consumption] was very small, and maybe only a tenth, one tenth as great as aspirin," he says.

" I think that the interesting thing is that in your routine type of diet, just a casual amount of chocolate it could be candy bar, is enough to have a measurable effect on the platelet clumping," he says. Faraday says that this could open up future possibilities for research. "People's diet could lead to a benefit in their heart and their other blood vessel in certain people who at risk." He explains.

But he says people shouldn't think they can east chocolate for their health-- it's still high in sugar and fat. "We're still not recommending that you go out there and now take 25 servings of chocolate every day. That's not the point." He also stresses that his study looked at everyday consumption of chocolate in volunteers that had a family history of heart disease, but did not have heart problems such a heart attack.

The researchers suspect the compounds in chocolate that improve blood flow are so-called "flavonoids," which Faraday points out you can also get from grapes and certain teas. "Flavonoids are a group of compounds that are very complicated," he says. "But that group of compounds is what has been thought to have this type of effect. Additional studies will be needed just to find out just what type of flavonoid and if those flavonoids really have this effect on platelets to make them less sticky.
In the meantime, if chocolate holds a special place in your heart, Faraday suggests you enjoy it in moderation. "Chocolate tastes great, and if you want to have some, I think our study's in line with that. It's okay to have anything in moderation, and chocolate is certainly one of these things," he says.

Faraday and Becker presented their findings in the presentation "Casual Chocolate Consumption and Platelet Activity," at the American Heart Association's 2006 Scientific Sessions. Their research is funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and Johns Hopkins University. Additional video of platelets clumping and restricting blood flow was provided by Craig Morrell, Johns Hopkins University.

The Making of Alice's Soaker

I am using 2 colors of yarn, which requested by my friend, Oojiez. Only using ribbing as the waist and stockinette stitch for the rest. I am using Melody brand of yarn, its 50g of 100% Australia wool. This is 55% of my work.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Congratulations to Chin Yit & Irene

The happy faces of the Bride and the Broom.
"May you find every day, sweetly lying awaiting, all you're dearest sweetest, dreams yet come true, while sharing a lifetime jointly, forever on today, may endless happinesse ever pursue the two of you"

We attended our colleagues garden wedding last Saturday. The bride and the broom was really happy entertaining their guests who came for that day. We were really enjoyed the foods while met with old colleagues. We ate strawberry + raisins ice-cream, Cheese cake, Brownie chocolate cake..mmmm..that was really yummy, we loves it..Here are some photos courtesy of Chin Yit, Agnes and zura:

The most happiest children of that night.

With other colleagues.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Baby Boy's Booties

Size for 3-6 months
It quit big for a new born. I'll try to adjust the size to make it smaller.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Introducing the good of Devil..

Cleaning your house? must be tired right?, who said NO? I don’t believe it; I think you have a maid to help you. But do you know that the world is changing and the technologies are getting better and better nowadays? Believe me its true. Everything is changing, just continue reading.

Do you know that oil and electricity consumption across the world could easily be cut by half, with major benefits for the environment if clean energy technologies that are currently available were applied? Accelerating energy efficiency improvements alone can reduce the world’s energy demand in 2050 by an amount equivalent to almost half of today's global energy consumption. So what do think of this info?

For those housewives or women who most probably will clean their house once a week or maybe everyday or maybe one in a blue moon, can you help the world to reduce the energy consumption? Yes, of course with the first cordless vacuums, easy to use and energy saver by DirtDevil. The AccuCharge Technology a high-efficiency charging system which is the first cordless vacuum Energy Star approved. When using Accurcharge technology enable a 70% reduction in energy consumption compare to other cordless vacuum cleaner. Don’t you think it’s a good way to reduce our world energy consumptions in general? I am sure yes it is. Its not only helping the world in-directly but helping you directly. So, what are you waiting for, look for it and get it..


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alice's Soaker

My latest project of Knitting, Alice's soaker for Ethan.

It take at least 4 nights to finished this project.
Since I am working at day time I only can do knitting at night.