Thursday, July 10, 2008

Aishah with her new world

Watch my little princess dancing while her lip miming sometimes make me smile and laugh. She try to remember the lyric of her favorite song and she always ask me to played her favorite song from Disney movie theme song like "Beauty and the Beast" and this song from "Alladin", The Whole new World over and over again. All the Disney's theme songs she call "Cinderella's song". If she said "pasang cinderella" thats mean she ask us to play the Disney's CD. When the song start to play, you can see her hand will be open and turning, turning,turning..I think she is interested with ballet, don't you think so?

Recently she watch the Tarzan movie from Disney Channel and now she also like the theme song of Tarzan "You'll Been My hearth" by Phill Collins. She call this song "Tarzan song", and I tell you she is a good listener and she can remember the song very quick. From the Tarzan song, she remember the chorus of it.


  1. MrsBaDaK @ JocelynJuly 11, 2008 at 9:54 AM

    Hahahahahaha... punya cute si Aishah menari... mimik muka dia tu bah, serious mau ikut menyanyayi... hahahaha... Neth, buli kasih ikut si Aishah AF ni bila sudah besar.. ada bakat lah your lil' girl... si Hakim pun pandai juga enter-frame balik² ah.. :D...

  2. wahhh terlebih sudahhh....hahaha! adeiiii gerigitan sy si aitah...mau sj sy kubit tu pingas dia! kiut betul dia menyanyi nie. si hakim jadi backup dancer kah...hehe!

  3. Yeah I agree with the other comments hehehe... Boleh tahan juga si aishah ni nyanyi oo :)

  4. mmmm..itulah itu, 2 orang tu. Satu enjoying, yang satu mengacau.