Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Durians time..

Eating favorite fruit. They called it "The King of fruit" but the westerner call its "Stink fruit" husband was not at home last sunday, he went to National park and Hot Spring with his customer. What we did..MAKAN DURIAN..I asked my sister to get it from the night market at Segama. RM8/kilo..apa lagi berabis lah makan.


Me, enjoying my durian. Photo taken by Hakim

This half Asian and half western is also like durian..but not much, at least they eat a bit..the rest let mama finished it..hahahahaha

Sampai duduk atas meja some more...the only person who has clean hand is Hakim, so he took the photo of us eating durian.

The last durian..who's get it..ME..hahahahahaaa

Worth it...


  1. MrsBaDaK @ JocelynJuly 24, 2008 at 8:27 AM

    WAAAAHHHHHH !!!! SEDAP NYA !!!!... Syok sia tinguk kamurang mkn durian ni Neth.. besar² lagi tu durian sia tinguk... enjoy kamurang mkn ya... hehehehe... si Hakim punya tangan pun steady juga ambil gambar oh kan... buli tahan dia ni.. ada bakat terpendam... hehehe...

  2. Hakim tu tidak boleh kasi biasa-biasa pegang camera, nanti mau minta camera saja..

  3. Sa pun suka durian neth hehe. Wow mcm sooo sedap kamurang makan. Uhuuu si hakim ikut 'western' part dia, indak suka durian pulak.