Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Aishah..

Just my little princess with her favorite songs and yes she has a problem with her eyes, sometimes. New hair cut some more.
Kesian her..she is sleepy actually..

Monday, June 23, 2008

Photo of the day

My little princess at home

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

My sister and her friend Su from Sarawak.

My sister's friend from Sarawak was at our home 2 days ago. So last Saturday we thought of visiting the Lok Kawi Wildlife park since we never been there before. I am happy because my kids like it especially when they saw an elephant having a bath in the pool. My Aishah keep on saying, "kesian..tiada kawan dia" (Pitty, she/he doesn't have a friend).. when she saw the animal is alone. hahahahaaa..that how children think, I thought. Hakim also asking me, "Kenapa dia kena kurung mama?" (why is the animal inside the cage?) when Hakim saw the monkey inside the glass room. I just told him, they afraid the monkeys will run away and bite you..

We manage to cathched the animal show at 11.15am and watched a few birds and the orang utan compete with human to peeling the coconut. That was fun and a parrot competition as well. Hakim and Aishah was really laughing and enjoing the show.

Even though the park is quit big and walking is most probably tiring for the kids but they really like it, because they can run at the road, no car passing by. I am just afraid they fall.

Orang utan and human competition, peeling the coconut. Who win?..orang utan

Feeding the parrots, Paco and Carlo. They are smart.

Help me, I don't like snake.

4 monkeys on the street.

More photos at my picasa Album

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Neneth's knitting Corner

Introducing my new blog, all about knitting stuff.
If you interested to view my knitting project, you can go to this blog.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hakim and Aishah's bedroom

Aishah is helping to decorate their room with the small stickers of Mickey and Minnie mouse.

A few days ago I bought new bed sheet for Hakim and Aishah and yesterday I bought new blankets for them as well as Minnie and Mickey mouse stickers. My little girl was really excited when I sticked the sticker near by her bed. But my little boy just ignore it. Maybe because he is a boy. But Aishah, she is really enjoying arranging all her favorite toys on her bed.

Aishah's Corner

Hakim's Corner.

Can you see the diffrent between girl and boy's bed?

Baby girl's booties

Estimated time to complete: 2-3 days
For baby 3-6 months old

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my brothers and sisters and especially to my mom. Not forgetting my cousin and my Aunty too. They are all born in June, so we decided to celebrate their birthday one time together.

2 weeks ago on 7th June, we went back to our "kampung" to celebrate. It is a very simple and kinda get together party. Its always nice when all the family members are around. Chatting and laughing together and enjoying the simple foods.

Children corner, cousins, nieces, nephews and my younger brother who like to play with the children.

Barbeque team, who worked hard that night to preparing our food.

Me, my sisters, sister in-law and cousin.

My dad, my brothers and our cousins

Sempat bergambar dengan pasangan masing-masing lagi..

My dad, mama and my 2nd mama with their grandchilds

That was gathering ..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Money for bloggers

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Monday, June 9, 2008


I believe that everyone are still thinking how to reduce our fuel
consumption. If you read the "New Straits times" on Sunday 8th June, I think you've seen the article. So don't waste you time to read it again, save your energy. But of course, if you want to understand more, you may read.

For those who hasn't read it, maybe you should read it, especially women driver, perhaps its help, who knows, no harm to try, isn't it?

Here are some tips recommended:

Change gear in good time : What it means is that you do not over-rev or strain your engine in one gear. When Possible, short shift quickly to the tallest gear.

*Drive smoothly :avoid hard accelaration: Accelerating at traffic lights wastes fuel. Go light with you right foot.

* Avoid sudden braking : Look a few cars forward so that you can avoid hard braking. When you brake, you need more fuel to get up to speed again.

* Make sure your tyres are properly inflated: Under inflated tyres will cost more drag, not to mention dangerous road handling. Keep the tyres at the recommended pressure. Invest in a wireless tyre pressure monitor in your car.

* Avoid Carrying excess weight : Excess weight equals to heavy load, which needs more energy to push.

* Switch off your engine when it's not in use: If you are waiting for more than three minutes, kill the engine. You are saving the enviroment too.

* Keep your engine well-tuned and serviced: Dirty engine will work harder and drink more to give you the same amount of power.

* Avoid high speeds: Above 100km/h, fuel consumption will suffer and this applies to any car of any make.

* Plan Your journey: Do not wait until the amber light lights up to fill up. This will usually make you go out of the way to find a pump to fill up. Plan your route before starting the car. Better still, use a satelite navigation systems like Gophers to help you chart the shortest route. ( This one applied for those who has this technology).
*Kalau orang KK, pandai-pandai lah cari jalan paling singkat..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

1st Project I knitted

This sweater come with hat.
I did finished the hat but I misplace it, so i could not take a photo of it.

Project name : Very easy child's pull over

Date Started : 15th May 2006
Date Finished : 30th May 2006

This project is really suitable for beginners , simple and quick.
Get this pull over's pattern here

2 Colors Stripe cardigan

Project Name : Aishah's cardigan
Date started : 20th August 2006
Date Finished : 3rd October 2006

Got this pattern from my Easy Knitting book. If you interested to try this pattern, do email me.

Hoodie cardigan

Project name : Hoodie Cardigan for Ethan

Date Started: 24th Dec 2007
Date Finished : 14th January 2008

Get your free pattern for this cardigan here


Project name: Sweater for Hakim
Date Started : 4th march 2008
Date finished : 2nd April 2008

I got this pattern from my Knitting's book which I bought 2 years ago. if you want to try this pattern, do email me so that I can give you a copy of the pattern.

Teddy bear cardigan

This cardigan I knitted for my daughter

Project Title : Teddy Bear Cardigan for Aishah
Date Started : 4th April 2008
Date Finished : 1st May 2008

Get you free pattern here for this cardigan and
here for the teddy graph

Must see..

This is what happen when a Dutch man and a Belgian man enjoying their favorite songs..
in fact they are not drunk ...just enjoying

We are really enjoying their show and we laughed till our face become as red as the sunset..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When did I started knitting?

I started knitting in May 2006, and that time I only learn the basic skills which was cast on, knit and purl. That time I am still blur with knitting but at the same time I really want to try to knit. Most of the time I learn from the internet which really help me. This site is really helping if you really want to learn how to knit. They teach you how to do all the basic skills using video so that more easy for you to follow. They also give you a simple pattern to try once you know the basic.
My first project was " Very Easy Child's pull over" which I knitted for my son. Since we are going back to my husband's country, maybe its good for me to try to make one for my son. The pattern was only using knit skill. The most important thing when you are knitting, you have to understand the pattern and knew every short form of the words and also the spirit of knitting in your self.
I will try to share my finished projects that I have done into this blog and as well as teaching you how to knit.