Monday, June 9, 2008


I believe that everyone are still thinking how to reduce our fuel
consumption. If you read the "New Straits times" on Sunday 8th June, I think you've seen the article. So don't waste you time to read it again, save your energy. But of course, if you want to understand more, you may read.

For those who hasn't read it, maybe you should read it, especially women driver, perhaps its help, who knows, no harm to try, isn't it?

Here are some tips recommended:

Change gear in good time : What it means is that you do not over-rev or strain your engine in one gear. When Possible, short shift quickly to the tallest gear.

*Drive smoothly :avoid hard accelaration: Accelerating at traffic lights wastes fuel. Go light with you right foot.

* Avoid sudden braking : Look a few cars forward so that you can avoid hard braking. When you brake, you need more fuel to get up to speed again.

* Make sure your tyres are properly inflated: Under inflated tyres will cost more drag, not to mention dangerous road handling. Keep the tyres at the recommended pressure. Invest in a wireless tyre pressure monitor in your car.

* Avoid Carrying excess weight : Excess weight equals to heavy load, which needs more energy to push.

* Switch off your engine when it's not in use: If you are waiting for more than three minutes, kill the engine. You are saving the enviroment too.

* Keep your engine well-tuned and serviced: Dirty engine will work harder and drink more to give you the same amount of power.

* Avoid high speeds: Above 100km/h, fuel consumption will suffer and this applies to any car of any make.

* Plan Your journey: Do not wait until the amber light lights up to fill up. This will usually make you go out of the way to find a pump to fill up. Plan your route before starting the car. Better still, use a satelite navigation systems like Gophers to help you chart the shortest route. ( This one applied for those who has this technology).
*Kalau orang KK, pandai-pandai lah cari jalan paling singkat..

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