Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When did I started knitting?

I started knitting in May 2006, and that time I only learn the basic skills which was cast on, knit and purl. That time I am still blur with knitting but at the same time I really want to try to knit. Most of the time I learn from the internet which really help me. This site is really helping if you really want to learn how to knit. They teach you how to do all the basic skills using video so that more easy for you to follow. They also give you a simple pattern to try once you know the basic.
My first project was " Very Easy Child's pull over" which I knitted for my son. Since we are going back to my husband's country, maybe its good for me to try to make one for my son. The pattern was only using knit skill. The most important thing when you are knitting, you have to understand the pattern and knew every short form of the words and also the spirit of knitting in your self.
I will try to share my finished projects that I have done into this blog and as well as teaching you how to knit.

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  1. Hi Neneth,

    The baby soaker are nice. Did you go for the knitting class?

    God, i must order 1 of the baby soaker soon after i deliver my baby Ovall.

    Let me just link you!