Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my brothers and sisters and especially to my mom. Not forgetting my cousin and my Aunty too. They are all born in June, so we decided to celebrate their birthday one time together.

2 weeks ago on 7th June, we went back to our "kampung" to celebrate. It is a very simple and kinda get together party. Its always nice when all the family members are around. Chatting and laughing together and enjoying the simple foods.

Children corner, cousins, nieces, nephews and my younger brother who like to play with the children.

Barbeque team, who worked hard that night to preparing our food.

Me, my sisters, sister in-law and cousin.

My dad, my brothers and our cousins

Sempat bergambar dengan pasangan masing-masing lagi..

My dad, mama and my 2nd mama with their grandchilds

That was it..family gathering ..

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