Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

May this christmas be bright and cheerful and may the new year begin with the prosperous note!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kuching, Sarawak 2011

Visited Kuching, Sarawak with family 2 weeks ago.
Overall, our program itinerary was as below:

4/12/2011 (Sunday): 
Meet on arrival at Kuching International Airport and transfer to Pullman Hotel, Kuching.

Our Room
View from our room
Christmas Decoration at the Hotel Lobby.
  Since we arrive late, we did not have time to explore the near by places for our 1st night Kuching.
It was raining as well, so we just have our dinner at one of the Hotel Restaurant.

5/12/2011 (Monday):
Breakfast at the hotel. At 8:00hrs, departed for Semenggoh Orang Utan.

The Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is located about 22KM from Kuching. It is the only one of its kind in Sarawak. Set up in 19975, this 740 hectare of virgin forest is home to Orang utans, honey bears, hornbills, porcupines, storks, eagles, braking deer and monkeys. Most of this animal were rescued from captivity and are being rehabilitated here in their natural surroundings.

 To get to the centre involves a 30 minutes drive by car from the city and 1.6KM walk (20 minutes) which snakes through lush tropical rainforest. This tour provides an opportunity of a lifetime to observe how the Orang Utans are being rehabilitated and trained to fend for themselves before being released into the wild. Visitors are allowed to study and observe the Orang utans at distance.

After half day tour, back to the hotel, free leisure at the Hotel.
My children enjoying their afternoon at the swimming pool with my husband and Mother in-law,
while me, my Mom and Tante Dory walked to India Street and exploring the place nearby. 
I am happy with my iphone , so easy to find places with the map.
Will continue my story in the next post.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Aishah's Mini Convocation

Time flies and without realize it, we are coming to end of 2011.
Being busy for a while. Doesn't have time to update my blog.

I am stealing my lunch time to share some photo of my princess during her mini convocation on 4th November 2011.

Will update more about our Cuti-Cuti Malaysia to Kuching & Mulu, Sarawak when I get time.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 10th Anniversary to us

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity.  The order varies for any given year.  ~Paul Sweeney

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inspired By Gavin Photography

Recently we join the Collective Shoot by Inspired By Gavin Photographer
Our 1st experience with professional, photographer. Well we have done well during that day even though my son was not really well that day, as you can see his face was really in bad mood.
Let me share a few of our photos.

Thanks Glo for the wonderful photos. 
We loves it. Next time we ask Mr. Papa to join us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aishah and Silat

The competition was on 6th October, last Thursday. 
Their school got 2nd place from 4 schools.Sharing a few photos of that day. 

Later that day when we were waiting for the competition result. I was shocked when someone shouted and asking who's child was she is carrying. OMG, it Aishah. Her face was so pale, I took her from the lady and Aishah was crying, "mama,its pain" she said. I am scared, I can feel how she felt. Then the lady told me that she saw aishah fell with someone on her. She was not really sure how high they fell off. I was scared and all in my mind was going home. I don't know what to do at first, I called a few of my sisters and my husband. Told them about Aishah, they all advised me to go to the Hospital except for my husband.

All I am thinking was, I have to go to the Hospital as soon as possible, on the way to the hospital, she vomited and I am worried if she suddenly unconscious.  I keep on calling her name and touch her face. She is trying to fight the pain, i can see it from her face. We reached Hospital and I carried her to the counter of Emergency Unit, my tears was start to fall from my eyes, i just cant bear the pain that my child felt. I am happy that we were at the right place. My husband came to see us. He tried to wake Aishah up but she wont woke up. She slept for a few hours at the Emergency room and vomited one more time. The doctor told me that they have to observe the child 24 hours after the fallen. X-ray was made and as well as CT scan to checked whether there is any sign of internal bleeding in her head. Luckily, everything was fine. 
"Alhamdullillah" (Thanks God) for saving my little precious.
While waiting for the ct scan

Aishah's head ct scan result
That was our longer day, woke up at 5am and home at 9:30pm, we were so tired after what happen that day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Ooopppss..Its Papa Birthday..Forgot to upload the photo.
Hi..Darling Happy Birthday and hope you enjoyed the gift we gave you.

Actually his birthday was on 27th September, but we did not have time to celebrate it, it is week days and we got B&B guest at home.  Last Saturday, it suppose to be surprised for him but, my 2 kids was not really smart. I told them to not say anything about the cake and the gift but then what happen. They get out from the car, ran to papa and says "Papa, we did not buy a birthday cake for you" *#@**#*#...there you go my surprise... least we sang him a birthday song in dutch and hope he is happy with the simple gift and cake.

Love you..xoxoxo

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Me and my kids

I've been busy with the children activities recently. Got to do this and that. Ya..what can I say, same as my husband, busy entertaining his guests. Hakim is busy with ipad and playing with Aidil, his only cousin near by and Saturday with his tennis lesson. He had fever a week ago and now he is coughing.
Well, she also got a new thing to play with, another ipad bought by her papa. What a lucky child  they are. Just hope that she wont forget her favorite hobbies drawing and coloring. Aishah joined 2 coloring competitions this month and both 3rd place. Good for her experience. Now she is busy with practicing Silat for "Silat Competition" next week. Good luck to her school.

Here are a few photos during those busy days.
1st coloring Competition. Aishah almost sleep.

Island trip with Dave's family after the competition

Happy face
Raya Open house at Aishah's school

2nd Coloring Competiton Tadika KEMAS Limbanak, Penampang

While waiting for Aishah to finish the coloring, Hakim is playing outside. This time his fever start.

Aishah finished coloring, she got her prize.

That was it.

And as usual visiting our favorite friends Aidil and his sister.
Happy to see Aidil and his sister sleeping.