Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Ooopppss..Its Papa Birthday..Forgot to upload the photo.
Hi..Darling Happy Birthday and hope you enjoyed the gift we gave you.

Actually his birthday was on 27th September, but we did not have time to celebrate it, it is week days and we got B&B guest at home.  Last Saturday, it suppose to be surprised for him but, my 2 kids was not really smart. I told them to not say anything about the cake and the gift but then what happen. They get out from the car, ran to papa and says "Papa, we did not buy a birthday cake for you" *#@**#*#...there you go my surprise...
Well..at least we sang him a birthday song in dutch and hope he is happy with the simple gift and cake.

Love you..xoxoxo

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