Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sabahan Bloggers Gathering..

Dear Sabahan bloggers,

There will be Sabahan Bloggers gathering in August 2008.

Everyone are invited to come and join the fun.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Day : Hong Kong-Macau-Kota Kinabalu

17th May is our last day in Hong Kong. After we had our breakfast, we brought our kids to the roof top of the hotel for swimming. Its so cold up there and my husband did not swim at all. The wind blowing so hard and that make it more cold especially when we were out from the swimming pool.

After we checked out from Harbour Plaza Hotel at 11.00am, we took a taxi to the other ferry terminal to Macau. " First Ferry "was the name of our ferry back to Macau. Arrived at Macau around 1pm so we have about 3 hours to just walking near by the ferry terminal. When we were inside the ferry we saw a mini Amsterdam building, so we thought of going and look what is it actually. We went around with just walking because it is not far from the ferry terminal. We stop by at one cafe and ate 3 pieces of cake (we shared) and a soft drinks, consider this is our lunch for today.

At 4.30pm back to the ferry terminal to took our baggages and took a taxi to Macau's Airport. Before we look for a taxi, we gave the kids ice cream to eat, because of so tired, they just sit on the floor. No worries, the Floor was clean and the cleaner is so hardworking person. every 5 minutes she pass by and clean the floor. hehehehe
We don't care. People just starred and looked at us. Our flight schedule was at 19:40 to Kota Kinabalu. We are all tired and need to sleep.

We arrived at Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2 airport at 22:30.

Finally, I finished my story of our vacation to Macau-Hong Kong. To see more photos you can go to My Picasa.
Just click on the Vacation photos at the right side of my blog page.

End of the story and thanks for reading the story even thought its boring..hahahahaha

Friday, May 23, 2008

Part 4: Ocean park, Hong Kong

The entrance of Ocean park.

16th May, we have planed to visit the "Ocean park", Hong Kong, since both of my kids like sea creatures, so maybe its good for them to see it in real world. Usually they watched them as a cartoon in the "finding nemo" movie, and they really enjoy it, especially when they see "Bruce" the shark.

We get up early, caused need to take the 9'oclock ferry to Central. From Central we have to take the bus to the Ocean park. So we managed to go to the park on time. The park opening hour was at 10:00 am. We got there around 10.05am and my husband directly bought the entrance tickets for us.

Ocean Park is a big park. If you want to see more, you have to go to other side of the island with the cable car. This is my first time using this cable car. Luckily Hakim and Aishah is not afraid. I saw one child who cried when his mother want to go inside the cable car.

View from inside of the cable car.

To make the story short, we visited the Shark Aquarium, Sea lion and the big aquarium. We went back to our hotel around 2:30pm, with bus to central and ferry to Kowloon. We walked a lot at the ocean park. Its a bit hilly and that make us tired of walking from one place to another place. Luckily some hill have escalator. They have a few escalators at inside the park.

Hill's escalator

Here only Hakim and Papa play the "River Ragging". Hakim had done a lot for this vacation. All the games he want to tried.
We plan watched the Light show of Hong Kong at 8:00pm. Arrived at our hotel at 3:00pm, and took a afternoon nap.

At night we went to Star Avenue to watched the "Hong Kong Lights show". The show is not really interesting and not as spectacular as we thought. They only playing with the lights of highest building and it just like the are flashing the spotlight on the sky. We manage to took some photos of Hong Kong By night. This was our last night in Hong Kong. We took our dinner, back to hotel and that was our day on 16th May.

Hong Kong By night.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Part 3: Disneyland-Kowloon Hong Kong

HK15th May is our last day at Disney's hotel and the park. After we had our breakfast, we checked out and than keep our luggages at the hotel before we went to the park. We entered the park and the first character we met was Donald duck. he just arrived at the Main Street of USA while we were waiting for my husband to rent a stroller for Aishah. Aishah shouting to me and she said, " mama, mama, Donald duck," and Hakim saw it too. I took Aishah and Hakim to Donald duck and took a photo of them.

And after the session with Donald duck we went to Autopia at Tomorrow Land area. We played the small car which you can drive just like a normal car. Hakim ride with papa and Aishah ride with mama. Today we just enjoying our day with all the favorite games we like. Hakim followed my husband to ride the "Mountain Space" riding roller coaster in dark. Luckly his height is enough to ride it even thought he is just 3 years and a half. He did not scared at all and all he was told me when they were out was, "mama, Hakim sakit jantung" but then he smiled. My husband still in shocked and fainted. He said to me, "I will never ride a roller coaster anymore, this was terrible scary for me, its too dark and you cannot see anything" . Hahahahaa..

Other attraction that we enjoy the most was the house of "Its a Small World". I told you how many times we ride a boat inside the house..hahahaaa....amazing. just watch this photos we took inside the house and just imagine how it moves and dancing with the background music with different music with all the same song. Colorful as well.

We had something special to watch today at Golden Mickey, we did not have time yesterday for the Live Musical Concert of Mickey Mouse and friends. Its started at 12.45pm and we waited. I heard the "High School Musical" show in front of Fantasy land but we did not went to the show. Waiting for the gate of Golden Mickey to Open, 12:20pm the gate was opened and then we rush to the gate before other people come. I can tell you, The live Musical was wonderful and colorful. The live musical show of Lilo & Stitch, Tarzan, Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. Even though the Mickey mouse is speaking chinese but we still understand what they said because they have subtitle in English. But all the songs was in English don't worries. Really amazing how they changed the background of the stage and the music effect. After finished enjoying the show for 30 minutes, we stop and rest at the Tomorrow land restaurant. They we had our lunch, chicken basket, mineral water and cola.

After we had our lunch, its already 2pm, and my husband and Hakim got back to the hotel to take our luggages. We took a train to kowloon and from the metro station we took a taxi to our next hotel, Harbour Plaza at Whampoa Garden. As usual we checked in and go to our room at 18th floor of the building. The view was beautiful, facing the Victoria Harbour and we can see the ships passing by.

We went for walking just around the area and we found a building with the shape of ship. We saw a few restaurants near by the hotel and a shopping mall. We check the ferry terminal and enjoying the view of Hong Kong at the other side of the Island. Kowloon is actually located opposite the real Hong Kong city.

We got back to our hotel, take a shower and thinking, what are the plan for tomorrow. Sleep and get rest.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Part 2: Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park

On 14th May, after we had our breakfast at the Chef Mickey cafe, we took the shuttle bus to the park. We arrived early around 9:20am, the park only open at 10:00am. While we were waiting outside the gates, suddenly 2 girls came to Aishah and Hakim, sticker on their hand and gave the stickers to Aishah and Hakim.

While they were playing with Hakim and Aishah, the line up for the entrance is getting longer and longer. Suddenly one of the boy staff came to us and asked what is my husband name. So my husband wrote his name in a piece of paper and the boy gone for a while. When he came back, he told us that we doesn't have to line up to enter the park. They have special event for us, where they asked us to join them for the gates opening ceremony at 10:00 am sharp. Before the gate opening we took a few pictures with all the staff who worked at the entrance gate. At 10:00 sharp, we all shouting 3, 2, 1 Hong Kong Disneyland Opeeeennn and jump. so all the gates was open with the music background. Everybody want to see what is inside the park.

First thing we did was, took the train from the railways station to the fantasy land, so from there we go around the park and play all the attraction games they have. First we ride the Flying Dumbo, where you can control the movement of the elephant up and down. When we first entered the fantasy land luckily not so many people and no need to line up.

After the Flying jumbo, we tried the house of Winnie the Pooh Adventure, all houses were so cute and especially for children they must be wonder because watching all the dolls moving and laughing with the sound effect, and music background.

The whole day we were at the park. The most wonderful event was at the Philar Magic house. Inside this house, we watched a 3D movie which we have to wear the 3D spectacle. The movie take 15 minutes and its was amazing how you feel when you are watching this kind of movie. When they showed Donald had pour by a water, you can felt the water at your face, and then he opened the bottles of campaign, you can felt the air at your face. Come to the underwater world which Ariel the little Mermaid with Donald duck throwing her jeweleries, its felt like its will come to your face and you can touched it but actually not. I saw Aishah tried to reached them hahahahaha..and Hakim tried to avoid them. So nice...if you have chance to go to Disneyland, don't miss it.

The most amazing feeling was when Aladdin fly with his magic carpet. You really felt like you are flying on board with Aladdin and Jasmine. I even get dizzy because of this. The Sound effect was HUH! I cannot described how is the feeling of riding magic Carpet. At the last part of the movie, Mickey came out and kicked Donald out from the scene and the stage curtain closed. With a quick moved, Hakim look at the back and there is Donald butt moving cannot get out and you can hear mickey mouse voice pulling Donald in till his butt is gone. hahahaa..

The new house they have was "It's a small World" dedicated to all children of the world. Going around inside the boat and view so many dolls singing and dancing at from every continents of the world, Europe, Middle East, Asia, America, Africa, Island, rain forest, north pole with their own music of the children song "its a small world after all. We ride the boat for 5 times in 2 days.

At the theme park, we met with some of the cartoon characters, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Goofy. Other fantasy princess like Slepping Beauty and the Beauty and the Beast princess. I was touched when i saw Hakim and Aishah hugging and kissing their favorite cartoon characters.

We ended our day at the Disneyland park with the Disney Parade around 3:30pm and finished at 4:00pm. We did not came back for the most spectacular magical moment, the firework at 8:00pm but we watched it from our hotel room with the music background from the hotel's channel. Everybody satisfied. We still have 1 day entrance for tomorrow. Sleep and get rest after long day of exploring and enjoying the magical day.

Part 1: Macau - Hong Kong

We arrived at Macau around 9pm at night. My husband thought that we have to take a Taxi from the airport to the hotel, but actually our hotel is just at the other side of the airport. We just need to cross the road and we get to our hotel.. Our Hotel's name was Golden Crown Hotel, China. So easy for traveler with children.

After we checked in, we took a taxi from the hotel to the town near by. Its difficult to talk with the taxi driver sometimes, especially those who doesn't speak English, but luckily we got the drive who knew where is McDonald is. That our first meal at Macau. On the way to McD, we saw a big and beautiful Hotel, casino and shopping mall they call The Venetian. Wow big and very nice building architecture.
After we had our dinner, we back to the hotel and then sleep.

Pic 1: Our first meal in Macau.

Pic 2: View from our hotel room in Macau.

The next day, we woke up around 9am and had our breakfast before we went to the Macau Ferry Terminal. We got to the ferry terminal around 10.20am and we have to que up to buy the ferry ticket. Its like you are going on board. We took the 10:45am ferry called TuroboJet and its took 1 hour to reached Hong Kong.

Pic 3: Macau Ferry Terminal.

Pic 4: Hakim is helping papa for the baggage check in.

Pic 5: Our ferry to Hong Kong (TurboJet)

Pic 6: Arrived at Hong Kong ferry terminal on 13th May 2008.

Just after we arrived at Hong Kong, we searched for Metro Train station to Disneyland. The train station is at the basement of the shopping mall. So we took the MTR connection to Sunny Bay and from Sunny Bay to Disneyland connection. We checked in at the Disney's Hollywood Hotel around 2pm and we took a nap for 2 hours. So tired of walking.

We woke up at 4.30pm and we went to the swimming pool. Guess who we met? Goofy, he went swimming with us. Aishah and Hakim were so excited, especially Aishah who really wonder when she look at Goofy..she kissed and huged Goofy like long time no see. Hahahahaaa..

Below are some of our pictures taken in the hotel.
(Makesure you turn on your speaker)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back from our vacation

We came back from Macau yesterday night around 11.00pm. This vacation give us a very memorable moment especially when we were at Hong Kong Disneyland.

The day before we flew to Macau, we celebrated Mother's Day with a simple cuppies cake which I bought from my colleague's girl friend. It was tasty and cute. My children loves it, and most of the cuppies eaten by them. Me and my mom only get a piece of it.

The most enjoying person...Aishah

Gift from Hakim for mama.. flower in it..

Friday, May 9, 2008

Going Off..

Air Asia was having their promotional package a few month ago, so we took this opportunity to go to Hong Kong.
We will fly to Macau on 12th May at 1800 and arrival time 2050 and overnight there.

The next day on Tuesday, 13th May, we will take a ferry to Hong Kong and then direct to Disneyland Hong Kong. We will staying at Disney's Hollywood Hotel for 2 nights check out on 15th May. The reason why we choose Disney Hong Kong because my kids loves to watch Playhouse Disney and Disney channel. So we will bring them to their favorite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse and friends even Winnie the Pooh. Besides we get 50% discount for the hotel rates and that make us more excited to go.

After Disneyland, we plan to take 2 more night at Harbour Plaza Hotel, Hong Kong . This hotel is unique, where the swimming pool is located at the roof top of the hotel. Staying there for 2 nights and then back to Macau with ferry and fly back to KK on 17th May (Saturday).

I will share the photos once we back. So don't try to call or sms me, because probably I'will only answer your sms on 17th or 18th. heheheee..out of roaming.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cross Stitch

Its been a while I did not do my cross stitch. I think 1 project in 2 years or sometimes nothing. hehehee..
But for me I enjoy doing it, as long as I finish my project.

Just wanna share with you all my finished project, yet to be frame.

My 1st project in 2002

My 2nd project in 2004, when I was pregnant with my first baby.

My 3rd project in 2006

My current project, actually I bought this pattern in 2006, but then I was stuck with my new hobby, knitting.

Still looking for a new patterns. I got one from the internet yesterday. Just waiting for a right time to start, when my mood is there.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Teddy Bear Cardigan

Project Title : Teddy Bear Cardigan for Aishah
Date Started : 4th April 2008
Date Finished : 1st May 2008
New Skill I learnt : Teddy Bear shape using graph.

Still looking for new project. Anyone would like to suggest? Maybe I want to continue with my cross stitch which I stopped doing it a few months ago. :P