Thursday, May 22, 2008

Part 3: Disneyland-Kowloon Hong Kong

HK15th May is our last day at Disney's hotel and the park. After we had our breakfast, we checked out and than keep our luggages at the hotel before we went to the park. We entered the park and the first character we met was Donald duck. he just arrived at the Main Street of USA while we were waiting for my husband to rent a stroller for Aishah. Aishah shouting to me and she said, " mama, mama, Donald duck," and Hakim saw it too. I took Aishah and Hakim to Donald duck and took a photo of them.

And after the session with Donald duck we went to Autopia at Tomorrow Land area. We played the small car which you can drive just like a normal car. Hakim ride with papa and Aishah ride with mama. Today we just enjoying our day with all the favorite games we like. Hakim followed my husband to ride the "Mountain Space" riding roller coaster in dark. Luckly his height is enough to ride it even thought he is just 3 years and a half. He did not scared at all and all he was told me when they were out was, "mama, Hakim sakit jantung" but then he smiled. My husband still in shocked and fainted. He said to me, "I will never ride a roller coaster anymore, this was terrible scary for me, its too dark and you cannot see anything" . Hahahahaa..

Other attraction that we enjoy the most was the house of "Its a Small World". I told you how many times we ride a boat inside the house..hahahaaa....amazing. just watch this photos we took inside the house and just imagine how it moves and dancing with the background music with different music with all the same song. Colorful as well.

We had something special to watch today at Golden Mickey, we did not have time yesterday for the Live Musical Concert of Mickey Mouse and friends. Its started at 12.45pm and we waited. I heard the "High School Musical" show in front of Fantasy land but we did not went to the show. Waiting for the gate of Golden Mickey to Open, 12:20pm the gate was opened and then we rush to the gate before other people come. I can tell you, The live Musical was wonderful and colorful. The live musical show of Lilo & Stitch, Tarzan, Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. Even though the Mickey mouse is speaking chinese but we still understand what they said because they have subtitle in English. But all the songs was in English don't worries. Really amazing how they changed the background of the stage and the music effect. After finished enjoying the show for 30 minutes, we stop and rest at the Tomorrow land restaurant. They we had our lunch, chicken basket, mineral water and cola.

After we had our lunch, its already 2pm, and my husband and Hakim got back to the hotel to take our luggages. We took a train to kowloon and from the metro station we took a taxi to our next hotel, Harbour Plaza at Whampoa Garden. As usual we checked in and go to our room at 18th floor of the building. The view was beautiful, facing the Victoria Harbour and we can see the ships passing by.

We went for walking just around the area and we found a building with the shape of ship. We saw a few restaurants near by the hotel and a shopping mall. We check the ferry terminal and enjoying the view of Hong Kong at the other side of the Island. Kowloon is actually located opposite the real Hong Kong city.

We got back to our hotel, take a shower and thinking, what are the plan for tomorrow. Sleep and get rest.


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  2. Wah siok oo ur trip neth. Anymore pic?