Friday, May 23, 2008

Part 4: Ocean park, Hong Kong

The entrance of Ocean park.

16th May, we have planed to visit the "Ocean park", Hong Kong, since both of my kids like sea creatures, so maybe its good for them to see it in real world. Usually they watched them as a cartoon in the "finding nemo" movie, and they really enjoy it, especially when they see "Bruce" the shark.

We get up early, caused need to take the 9'oclock ferry to Central. From Central we have to take the bus to the Ocean park. So we managed to go to the park on time. The park opening hour was at 10:00 am. We got there around 10.05am and my husband directly bought the entrance tickets for us.

Ocean Park is a big park. If you want to see more, you have to go to other side of the island with the cable car. This is my first time using this cable car. Luckily Hakim and Aishah is not afraid. I saw one child who cried when his mother want to go inside the cable car.

View from inside of the cable car.

To make the story short, we visited the Shark Aquarium, Sea lion and the big aquarium. We went back to our hotel around 2:30pm, with bus to central and ferry to Kowloon. We walked a lot at the ocean park. Its a bit hilly and that make us tired of walking from one place to another place. Luckily some hill have escalator. They have a few escalators at inside the park.

Hill's escalator

Here only Hakim and Papa play the "River Ragging". Hakim had done a lot for this vacation. All the games he want to tried.
We plan watched the Light show of Hong Kong at 8:00pm. Arrived at our hotel at 3:00pm, and took a afternoon nap.

At night we went to Star Avenue to watched the "Hong Kong Lights show". The show is not really interesting and not as spectacular as we thought. They only playing with the lights of highest building and it just like the are flashing the spotlight on the sky. We manage to took some photos of Hong Kong By night. This was our last night in Hong Kong. We took our dinner, back to hotel and that was our day on 16th May.

Hong Kong By night.

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