Friday, May 2, 2008

Teddy Bear Cardigan

Project Title : Teddy Bear Cardigan for Aishah
Date Started : 4th April 2008
Date Finished : 1st May 2008
New Skill I learnt : Teddy Bear shape using graph.

Still looking for new project. Anyone would like to suggest? Maybe I want to continue with my cross stitch which I stopped doing it a few months ago. :P


  1. I lurve it Neth! Boleh tahan sdh ko pula nie. mcm expert butul. u can start jual online ody this hehe

  2. Tidak mau kasi comercial hahahahaa..nanti saya tidak boleh kasi siap. tapi kalau ada orang mau minta buat. saya tolong la..hehehehee