Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Part 2: Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park

On 14th May, after we had our breakfast at the Chef Mickey cafe, we took the shuttle bus to the park. We arrived early around 9:20am, the park only open at 10:00am. While we were waiting outside the gates, suddenly 2 girls came to Aishah and Hakim, sticker on their hand and gave the stickers to Aishah and Hakim.

While they were playing with Hakim and Aishah, the line up for the entrance is getting longer and longer. Suddenly one of the boy staff came to us and asked what is my husband name. So my husband wrote his name in a piece of paper and the boy gone for a while. When he came back, he told us that we doesn't have to line up to enter the park. They have special event for us, where they asked us to join them for the gates opening ceremony at 10:00 am sharp. Before the gate opening we took a few pictures with all the staff who worked at the entrance gate. At 10:00 sharp, we all shouting 3, 2, 1 Hong Kong Disneyland Opeeeennn and jump. so all the gates was open with the music background. Everybody want to see what is inside the park.

First thing we did was, took the train from the railways station to the fantasy land, so from there we go around the park and play all the attraction games they have. First we ride the Flying Dumbo, where you can control the movement of the elephant up and down. When we first entered the fantasy land luckily not so many people and no need to line up.

After the Flying jumbo, we tried the house of Winnie the Pooh Adventure, all houses were so cute and especially for children they must be wonder because watching all the dolls moving and laughing with the sound effect, and music background.

The whole day we were at the park. The most wonderful event was at the Philar Magic house. Inside this house, we watched a 3D movie which we have to wear the 3D spectacle. The movie take 15 minutes and its was amazing how you feel when you are watching this kind of movie. When they showed Donald had pour by a water, you can felt the water at your face, and then he opened the bottles of campaign, you can felt the air at your face. Come to the underwater world which Ariel the little Mermaid with Donald duck throwing her jeweleries, its felt like its will come to your face and you can touched it but actually not. I saw Aishah tried to reached them hahahahaha..and Hakim tried to avoid them. So nice...if you have chance to go to Disneyland, don't miss it.

The most amazing feeling was when Aladdin fly with his magic carpet. You really felt like you are flying on board with Aladdin and Jasmine. I even get dizzy because of this. The Sound effect was HUH! I cannot described how is the feeling of riding magic Carpet. At the last part of the movie, Mickey came out and kicked Donald out from the scene and the stage curtain closed. With a quick moved, Hakim look at the back and there is Donald butt moving cannot get out and you can hear mickey mouse voice pulling Donald in till his butt is gone. hahahaa..

The new house they have was "It's a small World" dedicated to all children of the world. Going around inside the boat and view so many dolls singing and dancing at from every continents of the world, Europe, Middle East, Asia, America, Africa, Island, rain forest, north pole with their own music of the children song "its a small world after all. We ride the boat for 5 times in 2 days.

At the theme park, we met with some of the cartoon characters, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Goofy. Other fantasy princess like Slepping Beauty and the Beauty and the Beast princess. I was touched when i saw Hakim and Aishah hugging and kissing their favorite cartoon characters.

We ended our day at the Disneyland park with the Disney Parade around 3:30pm and finished at 4:00pm. We did not came back for the most spectacular magical moment, the firework at 8:00pm but we watched it from our hotel room with the music background from the hotel's channel. Everybody satisfied. We still have 1 day entrance for tomorrow. Sleep and get rest after long day of exploring and enjoying the magical day.

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