Friday, February 27, 2009

Come join me in my plane..

Just this cute contest from KLM.
Just fill in your plane and win a round trip to Amsterdam.
More prizes offer, no harm to play, who know you are one of the winners

Come jump inside my plane..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Make over by Artistry

Me and my sister attended Amway Regional Expo 2009 at the 1Borneo Grand ballroom yesterday. Get to knew a few new friends and tried a few products from them. Not forgetting the make over from Amway cosmetic products "Artistry". There are so many people young and old women want to be a super model of the day..hahaha..even the 81 years old mama also in the line with others for the make over.

Here are one of them

Friday, February 20, 2009

1st Block is finished

My 1st attempt of sewing my own house.
hehehee..can't wait for to sew the 2nd block.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Come over to my house-Quilt challenge

Wow..what a wonderful site I saw.
I see so many colors of houses and I feel like I want to build my own house too.
Why don't you see it you self from this site. Got the link from Jurra.
must be tempted right?..

Here is the clue

So got it?
Can't wait to build my first block of house...

This month giveaway..Yay!

Another giveaway contest from JajaKraf.
I will not missed this giveaway, its always fun especially from her. All the things she made are so cute and adorable..I want to win this giveaway..

Its not only the box, ha..ah..wanna know what inside, visit for more info.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Back as usual to my office life after a few days break.

I and my husband had a short trip last week and
we were staying at Awana, Genting MALAYSIA.
Here are some photos taken:

The Awana Genting Hotel, we were at the 27th Floor.

View from our room's balcony.

the room

Coffee tea table.

So here is what my husband comments on the Genting "City of Entertainment"..

Dear Sirs,
I would like to give some feedback on my 2 nights stay in the Awana resort. Overall it was pleasant, but.. I am in the travel business myself, so.. here are some points:

1) As we are the first timers to Genting, I was very disappointing with the location of the hotel. Of course, it is my fault, but.. from the website it is very difficult to understand the maps given and the situation. I was expecting, that on arrival we go up with the Skyway to the resort and have the resort in Genting Highlands. However.. on arrival there is the hotel on the foot of the hill, and you need to take the skyway to Genting. This was my biggest dissapointment, because… I choosed the wrong hotel.

2) In the bathroom (room 27565) there is a sign, that water from the tap can be used for drinking. Later it says that before drinking water has to be boiled. Can you imagine, first you allow people to drink direct from the tap, then you ask them to boil the water. Guest from developed country, who used to drink direct from the tap find this very confusing, and I am sure that elder persons (the ones who don’t understand 100% English, and due to age), easily believe that water can be used for drinking !!.. Although I understand what the sign means, it is totally wrong formulated: Please boil water before drinking, is the only proper way to say this !! -

3) Taxi to the Skyway or Cable Car: According to concierge, the taxi to Skyway or Cable Car is RM20. This is a fixed rate. Well, I think that it is 50% overcharged and that the actual rate should be RM10. Although the concierge did not agree, and the arrogant policeman, driving in his posh buggy, laughed me away. However, I am very happy that there are illegal taxis playing the route, doing it very happily for RM10. (of course I can wait for the bus, but.. if you just missed it ? ).

The Awana Skyway..

4) Signs in Genting, although they are plenty, they are totally not logic. In some cases you find the signs to the cable car or sky way, once you go down the escalator, while signs has to be in front of the escalator and visible. If it was up to me, I could easily find many improvements for the signs, luckily I am not a Genting employee, I would be very busy.

Almost reach the City of Entertainment.

First World Hotel, Genting.

5) Genting is located on top of a hill and this means harsh weather conditions. The Outdoor theme park is really need for a cleanup, fresh paint, or what so ever. I took a train ride from above, and if you see the state in which some of the attractions are, then it is unbelievable that no accidents are happening. If you take the orange Bob track, you can see the cracks in the track which was still in operation. There were also tracks which were overgrown, and.. not longer possible to use. Later… I oversaw a construction side, and many parts from the orange track were just dumped at the side (luckily not over the hill slope). This is not acceptable. If things are demolished, you need to proper dismantle and dispose the material. You can not just let it rot away.

Alga should see the real park.

Is this one of the attraction?

6) Also the main outdoor swimming pool was in a terrible empty shape. There is a total lack of maintenance. Genting is designed on top of a Hill, but… tears in my eyes if you look to the state. If you see the website, then.. a complete different view is promised. ?.

I stayed in your resort from 11th – 13th February, Awana room 27565.
Overall, I enjoyed the outing with my wife, although we had higher expectations.

Best regards, Olaf.
But after all, we did have a fun when we watched the live show of "DREAMZ", what a wonderful and amusing show. Unfortunately camera and video camera are strictly prohibited during the show. Just look at this white lion lah. Since we don't gambling, we save on the money to the 2nd VIP seat row which was very close to the stage and we did have a very clear view instead.

In a display of passion-fueled magic, two great illusionists will compete for the love of one princess. The story begins when the princess awakens in a realm ruled by the power of fantasy. When the contest for her affection intensifies so does the battle to control the illusion world. It is the romance of a lifetime in a vivid parallel world.

Featuring for the first time in Southeast Asia is a magnificent beast...the elusive white lion. Once thought to be a myth, the white lion first existed as whispered rumors in the wilderness of South Africa before finally being discovered in 1975. This highly elusive animal performs alongside the white tiger - possibly the most prized animal in modern times for its beautiful coat and stunning ice-blue eyes.

Witness a union of feral beauty and dazzling magic in Dreamz.

Also visited "De Casino of Genting" but we just walk around not playing. A lot of slot machines and very crowded place. The Theme park both indoor and outdoor have a lot of fun games but we are not really in to it. We checked out from the Awana Hotel very early, 9:00am due to the road that need to be closed for the "la tour de Langkawi" event on 13th Feb and we manage to visit Batu Caves and Putra Jaya just for a short walk and shoot some photos.

The view of the Batu caves stairs.

Me climbing the stairs.

I am half way reaching the top.

The main attraction of Putra Jaya.

I took my husband photo.

And he took my photo..that all we can do.

We are happy and safely going back to Sabah and met with our children. Can't wait for the next vacation to Hong Kong in May with the children and then to Singapore somewhere in November. Rest the whole day on Saturday and Sunday went swimming with Oma belanda again at Beringgis Resort. That was my long weekend ended

More photos here

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tutorial 1: Learn how to knit

This is my 1st tutorial for this month. So ready with your needle and yarn. Just try the simple and basic techniques of knitting which are:

1. Cast on
2. Knit
3. Purl
4. Bind off.

When you know this 4 basics, I am sure you will know how to start you knitting project.

From the basic techniques, try to combine them by:

1. Knit 1 row, purl the next row and repeat for a few rows you will get Stockinette stitch.

Photo courtesy of

2. Knit all rows you will get garter stitch.
3. knit 1, purl 1 till the end of the even will get rib.

More techniques you can see here.

If you want to try your basic knowledge of knitting, find a simple knitting pattern for beginners and try it. They are so many patterns that you can find from the internet and just follow the instruction. Besides, the most important things must know how to understand the knitting pattern. See here for the Knitting abbreviations .

So how was it? email me the photo of your projects.
Any problem you can email and talk with me by Yahoo messanger or Skype (if I am online)

Please come again for the next tutorial.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Swimming with Opa Harry and Oma belanda

We visited my MIL at Sutera Harbour yesterday and part of that is swimming with them. The pool was not so crowded as usual, it was empty and only a few tourist and local people were there. As usual we got sun burn again, but this time not so worst like before.

Hakim and Aishah playing with Opa Harry.

Aishah helping Opa Harry wash his hair.

Hakim doesn't want to share the duck floater with Aishah

Aishah try to swim with her arms holding the base of the pool

Hakim with papa's sun glasses.

Hakim's favorite duck floater

Enjoying our lunch.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Knitting and knitting

Long time I did not update my knitting blog. Nothing to show, even though I still have a lot more knitting project need to be done.

For those who had ordered from me hope you can wait..really sorry if its take long time to finish your request. But I will make sure, you will like it when you get it. I am actually still waiting for my wools to arrive, I ordered from ebay. Hope I get it soon. Its a hand dye wool, nice color, you can't get it from our local shop. Interested? RM17 each. (Shipping cost not included)

Anyone interested to learn how to Knit?..just the basic skill cast on, knit, purl and cast off, that will help you to start your knitting, you can email me at for more info.

Thought for 2009

Got this from my old friend, here I would like to share with all my blog readers..enjoy
Loves the pictures of it so much..

Being happy does not mean everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to see beyond the imperfections.