Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tutorial 1: Learn how to knit

This is my 1st tutorial for this month. So ready with your needle and yarn. Just try the simple and basic techniques of knitting which are:

1. Cast on
2. Knit
3. Purl
4. Bind off.

When you know this 4 basics, I am sure you will know how to start you knitting project.

From the basic techniques, try to combine them by:

1. Knit 1 row, purl the next row and repeat for a few rows you will get Stockinette stitch.

Photo courtesy of knittinghelp.com

2. Knit all rows you will get garter stitch.
3. knit 1, purl 1 till the end of the even row..you will get rib.

More techniques you can see here.

If you want to try your basic knowledge of knitting, find a simple knitting pattern for beginners and try it. They are so many patterns that you can find from the internet and just follow the instruction. Besides, the most important things are..you must know how to understand the knitting pattern. See here for the Knitting abbreviations .

So how was it? email me the photo of your projects.
Any problem you can email and talk with me by Yahoo messanger or Skype (if I am online)

Please come again for the next tutorial.

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