Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Knitting and knitting

Long time I did not update my knitting blog. Nothing to show, even though I still have a lot more knitting project need to be done.

For those who had ordered from me hope you can wait..really sorry if its take long time to finish your request. But I will make sure, you will like it when you get it. I am actually still waiting for my wools to arrive, I ordered from ebay. Hope I get it soon. Its a hand dye wool, nice color, you can't get it from our local shop. Interested? RM17 each. (Shipping cost not included)

Anyone interested to learn how to Knit?..just the basic skill cast on, knit, purl and cast off, that will help you to start your knitting, you can email me at for more info.


  1. isk..sukanya tengok benang tuh..lain kali kalau nak beli nak join la..bole share shipping ..

  2. nak tanya lagik..harga tu sume termasuk harga benang ker??

  3. wah... bestnya nmpk benang2 nii... ya, ya, sy mo belajar knitting act. hari tu sdh janji dgn zura tp msh belum dpt ms yg sesuai lg. klu blh mo bljr basicnya dulu la.. anw, nnt sa email ko aa... ^0^

  4. Hi Natrah,

    Maksud Natrah, items yang saya knitting tu?...semua termasuk benang kecauli wool soaker tu. Sebab Wool ni susah nak dapat, lagi pun harganya mahal..

  5. rahma,

    Boleh bah kalau ko...kasi sedia benang dan jarum saja. lain-lain saya sediakan.

  6. klu nk beli benang tu blh ke order lg?