Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hakim and Aishah's bedroom

Aishah is helping to decorate their room with the small stickers of Mickey and Minnie mouse.

A few days ago I bought new bed sheet for Hakim and Aishah and yesterday I bought new blankets for them as well as Minnie and Mickey mouse stickers. My little girl was really excited when I sticked the sticker near by her bed. But my little boy just ignore it. Maybe because he is a boy. But Aishah, she is really enjoying arranging all her favorite toys on her bed.

Aishah's Corner

Hakim's Corner.

Can you see the diffrent between girl and boy's bed?


  1. kiut si Aisha hias2 katil dia hehe.

  2. itulah itu flo, nanti kalau mau tidur, tiada tempat suda..hahahaha, selalu kena kasi clear juga