Monday, June 23, 2008

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

My sister and her friend Su from Sarawak.

My sister's friend from Sarawak was at our home 2 days ago. So last Saturday we thought of visiting the Lok Kawi Wildlife park since we never been there before. I am happy because my kids like it especially when they saw an elephant having a bath in the pool. My Aishah keep on saying, "kesian..tiada kawan dia" (Pitty, she/he doesn't have a friend).. when she saw the animal is alone. hahahahaaa..that how children think, I thought. Hakim also asking me, "Kenapa dia kena kurung mama?" (why is the animal inside the cage?) when Hakim saw the monkey inside the glass room. I just told him, they afraid the monkeys will run away and bite you..

We manage to cathched the animal show at 11.15am and watched a few birds and the orang utan compete with human to peeling the coconut. That was fun and a parrot competition as well. Hakim and Aishah was really laughing and enjoing the show.

Even though the park is quit big and walking is most probably tiring for the kids but they really like it, because they can run at the road, no car passing by. I am just afraid they fall.

Orang utan and human competition, peeling the coconut. Who win?..orang utan

Feeding the parrots, Paco and Carlo. They are smart.

Help me, I don't like snake.

4 monkeys on the street.

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  1. Yikes!!!!! Snake!!! Berani juga ko Neth!

  2. hahahahaaa.tengok saja macammana gaya saya bergambar, langsung tidak bergerak..:P