Monday, July 7, 2008

Congratulations to Chin Yit & Irene

The happy faces of the Bride and the Broom.
"May you find every day, sweetly lying awaiting, all you're dearest sweetest, dreams yet come true, while sharing a lifetime jointly, forever on today, may endless happinesse ever pursue the two of you"

We attended our colleagues garden wedding last Saturday. The bride and the broom was really happy entertaining their guests who came for that day. We were really enjoyed the foods while met with old colleagues. We ate strawberry + raisins ice-cream, Cheese cake, Brownie chocolate cake..mmmm..that was really yummy, we loves it..Here are some photos courtesy of Chin Yit, Agnes and zura:

The most happiest children of that night.

With other colleagues.

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  1. Wow..menarik!! Cantik betul si Irene sini :)!! Congrats to the newly wed..