Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Qhareef and Qeisya

Qhareef and Qeisya's Birthday on 2nd Aug 08

We attended Qhareef and Qeisya Birthday last saturday, we were late and couldn't get the chance to take a photo of their birthday cakes and cutting cake ceremony.
As usual meeting with old friends and the children of them. For the first time I brought our camera with me and I asked Alice to take a photos of that day, thanks Alice.

Aishah cried that day because, she was shocked when her ballon blown. Its just a game..who can protect his/her ballon till the last person, she/he will win. The only person who doesn't know the game's rule was Aishah, so she just stand there watching others playing. She thought that the ballon at her ankle is just for fun, but actually not. One of the player saw Aishah's ballon and she step on it.."POOP" Aishah cried..kesian..terkejut..we are all laughing..hahahahaa..Hakim?..I dont know where he is..He is always want to play with Qhareef's mini motobike, so he is somewhere inside or outside the house looking for something he can play with, that my Hakim.

Whatever it is, Happy Birthday for Qhareef and Qeisya and hope you like the gift we bought you.

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