Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ben 10

Sorry! the picture is blur, I am using my handphone camera

I don't know whether you know about this "Ben 10" cartoon, but for Hakim, this is his favorite cartoon. He watch it everyday till one day he saw the watch of Ben 10 wore by a chinese kid. Since then, his wishlist was the Ben 10 watch. What can we say, everyday he is asking for it, every morning when he wakes up, everytime when me or my husaband coming home, he will ask "have you buy my Ben 10?". We actually looking for it, every where, even at the biggest Toy's shop in KK, but they are all sold out.

So finally today, I check at Parkson Grand, where I find the only Ben 10's watch left. I just buy it for Hakim, even though the price is a bit out from my, he is playing with it and really happy that I buy it for him. He was sleeping when I got home and then he hear I say "Ben 10" suddenly he is crying from his room. In fact, this morning my husband bring him to 1Borneo just to search for his "Ben 10" but they couldn't find it. He just sad and want to tell me the story. BUT, when he see the watch I buy, hehehheeee..He smile and you can see his satisfy face..finally.

And what did my little princess want?
Just an RM3.90 accessories...


  1. Ya Allah Nett, jangan2 inilah jam yang anak kakak mau minta beli tu, Patut la kakak kasih beli jam Ben 10 tu dia cakap, 'bukan yang ini la Ma, Abang mau jam yang Ben 10 pakai tu'.... aduiiii sakit kepala kakak, mana la mau cari ni..

  2. hahahaaaaa...susah budak-budak ni, kalau tak dibelikan kesian pulak, sampai termimpi-mimpi pulak tu..hahahaa, yang ni saya beli kat Parkson Grand. Dengan bunyi dan lampu lagi..hahahaa

  3. Hahahaha...bah, nanti kakak cuba cari di sana. Psstt.... ari tu kakak nampak adik di kedai epal tu... aduiii mau tegur kakak segan. Kakak rasa cam jumpa artis pulak. Len kali la kalau kakak jumpa adik lagi kakak say hai la ah ;-D

  4. hahahahaaa..macam kenal ja..yang jumpa si jura tu kan?

  5. Aik, barangan perempuan pula yg murah ni :) I tot girls yg expensive ni si Hakim pula yg mahal hehe.

  6. Ya, kakak la bah tu....