Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Favorite..

I've teached my little princess of my old song which I like the most when I was little girl. We have a game when we sing the song with the action some more.
She still learning but she can remember the song very well.
Its just her pronunciation is a bit difficult to understand.

The lyric was :
Putih-putih Melati, Ali Baba,
Merah-merah delima, Pinochio,
Siapa yang baik hati, Cinderella,
Tentu di sayang mama. (and then she hug me..hehehee)


  1. Haha pandai si aishah neth. Kiut!

  2. hahahahahaha...funny bah dia itu, Everytime mau sing, suruh ambil camera..

  3. cant wait to hear my little girl singing!..