Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blessed By Two

The two of you will never know
How much my love has grown
To be blessed by two

From the moment you were conceived
You were all that I would ever need
To hold you, comfort you and love you both
Is all that I could ever hope

You were my life
You were my hope
To see you both happy
Is my only hope

My happiness has been through you
I loved you both before you were you
There were aches and pains but it was worth it all
I could not foresee what was to be

From the first moment I held you both
My love has only continued to grow
There have never been two children as beautiful as you

I am so proud of both of you
the good lord was good to me
And making you both my destiny

Grow up and be strong but don't forget about me
Your future are bright, as anyone can see
Remember me more than just a face
I will continue to thank god everday
For my role that I have played
As I have been blessed by two..

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