Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Toys..

Look who get new toys, Hakim and Aishah. Its a gift from Om Joost who had visited us. He has gone back to Netherlands last Sunday. Thanks Om Joost for the wonderful gift. Hakim and Aishah loves their toys very much. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of them together with om Joost. next time lah.

This is for Aishah, a crocodile which can blow a bubbles from his mouth with a music background and move around.

Remote control car of "Lightning McQueen". Got sound and light. Can close and move his eyes. Hakim really love it. Since he get this toy, he cannot sleep without it. When the battery is weak, he go to the battery charger and connect it and say, "mama, Hakim punya kereta mau isi minyak". After a while, he go and check the car. Not only Hakim's favorite but also Papa favorite.

The good thing is I finished the scarve that I knitted for my mother in law and gave it to Joost to bring it to my mother in law house. I forgot to take the photo of the scarve, last minute punya kerja. I finish knitting and put the tassels around 11am in the morning and Joost is leaving at 4:30pm. Actualy he has finished packing since last night just waiting for my scarve to fit inside his luggage.

By the way here is the picture of the scarve before finished:

Hope she can send me a picture of she wearing my scarve in winter


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  3. That's a FANTASTIC looking scarf, Neth!