Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Books Collection

Yesterday I bought Aishah a new coloring book, pencil case and pencil color. Before this she just watch Hakim to draw or color his coloring book because her brother doesn't want to share his color. Well, Aishah is turning 2 in a few more days so I can give her coloring book and color, even though she still young and need to practise a lot how to color. But at least she is not fighting over a pencil color with Hakim.

Aishah sticker book, coloring book and pencil case.

Wondering how many books they have for their reference. Well, they always get a book from my husband family. So most of the books are in Dutch. So sometimes they just look at the picture inside the book and learn simple dutch words. Maybe its not so many book they have but I believe its will be more than this in the future.

The collections of Rupjes Nooitgenoeg (Worms who never had enough food) , Nintje voelboek (this book is nice, you can feel the towel, swim suit, cloud, plastic swimpool, which they cut a small piece of them and stick it inside the cartoon, De Kleuren Katjes (The Colors with a lot of colorful threads inside) and a lot more and all the book are for 1-3 years old children.

Hakim's first books when he was still baby are:

2 books made from fabric and 2 books from the hard paper.

Now Hakim has this books as an additional activities for him. Luckily they know where they can find their things. When they need it, they will find it them self and start to searching it at Hakim's room. Once they grow up, they will ask more.

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