Monday, November 5, 2007


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Aishah is 2 years old today. We celebrate her birthday yesterday and she loves it when we sing the dutch birthday song and the english birthday song. I ordered the cake from Bits and Bites. Winnie the Pooh. That the only cartoon character Aishah knew.

Waiting to blow the candles.

Hakim want to blow the candles as well. Jelouse

Aishah cutting the cake.


  1. Epi busdey etaaaa...teda presen nie.. waa.. bujang uda eta nie..

    kiut tu kek wini-de-po-ooh <-- ala2 CT.

  2. Happy bday aishah..hope u like the present i gave u..hehe... may u became a lovely girl in the future who's full of ambitions and positive qualities...

    erk..--jaga hakeem..tante jat mau datang ni..hahaha

  3. My belated present is a BIG wish for you, Aishah - "Happy Belated Birthday!!!"