Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mabul Island

Well...here I am again, long time I did not update my blog due to our internet connection problem at home. After back from the Hospital on 22th, I was having cold fever for the past 2 days. Today and yesterday was good and getting better.

I was admitted to Hospital Likas on 20th Nov, just after we come back from Sipadan. I am having a minor operation called LLETZ (Large loop excision of the transformatio
n zone) due to my abnormal pap smear. The operation should be done on 14th Nov, but I asked the Doctor to postponed it to 20th. So whatever it is, better to detect it early than regret in the future.

Talking about our family holiday, yes..its very relaxing and enjoying. What we do just swimming, sleeping and eating. That really holiday right? :P. First day, my husband went diving and I have to take care of my 2 kids, they were so enjoying running and playing.

Borneo Diver Boat
Our room, twin room.
Family photo in the pool
Papa & kids
Hakim and Aishah waiting for papa
Hakim and Aishah playing sand
White sandy beach
Dive boats
Dining hall
Activities Centre
2nd day, in the afternoon, my husband's turn to take care of our kids and I will learn how to dive..hehehehehe. What make me so happy is I've done the "Discover Scuba Diving" course and went diving with my instructor. My first dive in my life. All you have to do is just relax and don't panic, breath as usual. It is not difficult as we thought. Got certificate some more.
First, I was given a lesson by the dive master at the swimming pool and she teached me the basic of diving inside the swimming pool than after an hour of lesson we went to the sea to see the Marin life. That was amazing and wonderful. I saw a lot of fishes and 2 turtles in the sea and "Nemo" too.

Me doing the DSD


  1. Wah enjoy gia kamu punya holiday ni Neth....mo pigi la ni sana nxt time bila ada rejeki dulu..hehehe..

  2. Pi lah yon, syok tu jalan-jalan. Mudah-mudahan murah rezeki kita semua ni.

  3. salam

    neth..ko sakit ka?aiyaa cian juga gia ko nih....siou ah sa xtau uhuh...sorryla skrg lm x msg...jarang ol ba..keja uda gia.. wa syok gia sipadan tu...mau pg juga la nti..hehehe