Monday, November 12, 2007


This is Hakim new hat, I bought and made it especially for Hakim. I was thinking of buying him a hat before we are going to Sipadan Island. So last week I saw a hat at Smart Sukan Shop (LS). Its a plain and without wording. I've been searching for hat which is plain and without any cartoon or wording on it. But I could not find it. So I felt so lucky I saw that hat.

When I bought that hat, the sales girl asked me whether I want to put any wording . Well first, I was thinking to put "HAKIM" on it, but its to obvious, so think of something else..when I was thinking suddenly I think of Hakim full name Hakim Aqmar Teunissen, so the shortcut will be H.A.T, nice and perfect. So that how I get the H.A.T.

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