Monday, October 1, 2007

Olaf's birthday..

27th September was my husband's birthday, I bought him a piece of Chocolate Cheese Cake from Coffee bean to show Hakim and Aishah that papa is birthday. When I got home, Hakim directly told me, Mama, "Papa to you"(means Happy Birthday to you") tadi Hakim nyanyi "to you", and I just smile. Must be my mom asked him to say "Happy Birthday" to Papa. One more time we sang him a dutch birthday song, 3 of us..

Lang zal ze leven..
Lang Zal ze leven..
Lang Zal ze leven en de gloriaaa..
En de gloriaaa..en de gloriaaaa..

Hip pi di pip ..horaaaaaaa..
Hip pi di pip..hooraaaaa..

The most enjoyed singging the song was Aishah. Afterwards we all give a kissed to Papa.. "Hartelijk Gefelicitierd"..

That night, Olaf brought us (Me, Hakim, Aishah, my mom and my sister) to his favorite restaurant 'Little Italy" of course. I told the supervisor its a special day, its Olaf's Birthday so that why he spend us makan that night...I knew that He (Olaf) doesn't like when I told its his birthday..but I just do it purposely. (I want them to sing a birthday song for him). YES..they did it, when we finished our food, Olaf has ordered an ice cream for the children and for him. suddenly one of the waiter come with a cup of ice cream and candle on it and start to sing Happy Birthday.. Hahahahahahahah..suddenly Olaf's face turned red and with his embarrassing smile...

Hope he had a good time on his Birthday..May all your dreams come true.

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  1. Syok juga o! Lain kali sia bawa si Beckham pigi sana...