Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to work with my miserable experience

Here I am, back to work again after 3 weeks of leave. Well my 1st week was enjoyable, 2nd week was tiring and boring and the 3rd week was miserable. Too long rest make me boring at home. But during that week I really learn something and I will always remember it.

I have done my operation they called it 'Cone Biopsy" on 4th February 2008 (Monday) just after we came back from our holiday in Brunei. So the doctor has given me 16 days medical leave (Including Saturday and Sunday). My next review and result of the operation supposed to be on 14th February 2008. I was so bored at home nothing to do. Just sitting and watching TV. Sometimes I brought my mother to the market near by to buy some vegetables and fish. So one day I was thinking if we can change Hakim and my mom's room during my holiday. My mom agreed with the suggestion then we start to move all the things from my mom's bedroom to other room and as well as Hakim's room. It was a day before my review on 13th.

At 12:30 midnight, I change my pad, its was almost dried that day but suddenly just after I changed my pad, I felt like a lots of water out from my thing. OH GOSH! what this..its was like wusshh!..and my pad is full not even 2 minutes. I changed again and hope the blood will stop afterwards. After I finished watching the movie of " How to lose a guy in 10 days" I went sleep.

Around 3am, I woke up caused I felt like I want to "Lu". One more time, I felt my blood is streaming out from my thing again. A lots. I waited for a few minutes sitting on the toilet bowl and hope its will end but unfortunately, it is not. My blood is not stopping. I changed my pad 2 times but it wasn't stay longer than a minutes. I felt dizzy and I told my husband about it. He brought me to the Hospital and luckily its wasn't a day time, no traffic jam and the road is clear. Thanks God. On the way to the hospital my blood does not stop even a minute, I still can felt the blood.

We reached the Hospital around 3.35am at the Emergency Room, the nurse who's on duty that night was asking me whether I still can walked or not. I still can walked actually, its just that if I walked all my blood will dropped on the floor. My husband asked her to took the wheel chair so I was pushed by the nurse inside the Emergency Room. There are 2 areas inside the Emergency Room, its Yellow Area and Red area for more critical cases. Well first I was brought to the yellow area where they start to poked me for the drip.

When I just arrived, they are not really worried about me, maybe its just a normal bleeding will stop within a moment or maybe it was a miscarriage but I wasn't pregnant. A girl doctor come to me and she try to check what is the problem, then I really can see I have a lots of blood clog. I can see the doctor clearing my blood and that time I felt like i am going to sleep and I felt like I will fainted shortly. The nurses try to wake me up, I still can hear their voices, please keep awake and try not to sleep, and they asked me a lots of question try to talk to me, but that time I was completely tired and no energy even to answer their questions. I heard the doctor saying "sambung oksigen", sambung I dont know what else they do and then suddenly I vomited and all the nurses was rushed. The Emergency siren went on and all that time I was thinking. This is it " I am going to die", The nurse keep on saying, "be strong, think of your two children at home", With my weak body and mind I cried and says a pray so that I am strong enough to face it. A lots of things in my mind, my family, my friends and so over. Can they made it before my blood is finished.

They moved my bed from the Yellow zone to the Red zone. They are really work hard for me. Just a minutes the siren went on, all the doctors who's was on standby from the Operation Theater was around me. I think five of them around me and checking my pulse and everything. One of the lady doctor start to checked where is the blood come from but they couldn't found it. For a mean while I heard they are discussing about brought me to the Operation Theater. I was a bit awake that time, after the put 2 needles at my left and right hand for the drip and oxygen in my nose and mouth.

For half an hour the doctor has succeed to stop the bleeding after they put a Vaginal pack inside to blocked the blood stream, but still they have to find the source of the blood. After an hour they moved me to the Yellow zone again. My worried has stopped and talked with my husband for a while. Suddenly, I felt it again, the blood is streaming out and this time, its could not be stop and more blood out. I heard the doctor said move her to the casualties room, where the doctor used the room for pregnant lady. That time my blood pressure went down and down and down. I felt so weak and no energy at all. Tube around me, Oxygen tube, water tube, and other doctor is taking my blood to be sent to the lab for investigation.

2 minutes later, a specialist come in and asked what is the problem. The other doctor explained, it was from my previous operation in my cervix, she can see the blood source but its too deep to make a stitch, she is not brave enough to do it. So the doctor asked the nurse to prepared what ever they have inside the room and he will do the stitching. OH MY GOD!..only god knows how I felt that time without any pain killer or anesthetic procedure. I just cried and the doctor and the nurse just tried to calmed me. "Sekejap lagi,sekejap lagi" that words I heard from the lady doctor. Its really painful but at least they know where is the blood come from. After the stitching part finished, I felt a small contraction in my uterus. Thanks god everything done at 6.00am in the morning. I can see the all the doctors felt relief.

I was given 2 pint of blood transfusion on Valentine's day and the whole day in the Hospital's bed with 2 drips in left and right hand. One for the blood and one for the water. I was asked to fasting for the whole day, afraid if anything happen I will be send to the OT (Operation Theater).

That was my valentine's day. The good news is The result of my Cone Biopsy was the CIN 3 in my Cervix has been removed and its clear. No more Pre-cancerous cell.

Alhamdulillah and thanks to all Doctors and Nurses at Hospital Likas. Your the best!


  1. salam

    net...alhamdulillah everything went well..bikin suspen oh ur story... kesian u net....semoga dipermudahkan Allah.

  2. Bikin takut juga experience ko kan Neth hmmm... nasib ko ok sudah. I dunno if i can be as brave as u if in d same situation o... hehe penakut bah ;P

  3. u're a super strong mommy!

    we're all glad 2 c u well & back @ work. rindu bah...hehe!

    but u must take good care & remember 2 pantang!

  4. nethhhh...jaga diri ko bagus-bagus mulai skrg. jgn buat kerja-kerja berat lagi mcm mau kena heart attack ohh baca story ko nie.

  5. Hi Neth, mcm mau menangis sia baca balik ur story oh... but so happy that u r ok and that experience will surely make u a stronger person... U're indeed an enormously the strongest person that i know of ! God Bless You !

  6. wow..that is so scary and i am glad we have good doctors to handle such cases..take care!!!

  7. That's an incredible scary story! You are a brave and strong mommy indeed. Glad you're okay now.

  8. Neth, this story is truly scary and we all thank God you are back with us.

    I'm sure Hakim and Aishah love their mommy so much and are very proud of her.

    Yes, you are indeed a very strong woman... But do try to take some time just to relax and let others take care of you ok.

  9. Thanks all for your concerns and advice. Appreciate it so much..

  10. Hi neth,

    Why the nurse said: Think about your children ?? Why not: Think about your husband (heheh)
    Love you, me.