Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trip to Brunei...

Finally I had some time to write about our journey to Brunei by car. I just got back from Hospital today at 9.30pm. Now just waiting for the result of my specimen which was sent to private lab yesterday and the doctor give me 12 days of Medical leave.

Day 1 (27 January 2008-Sunday)

We start our journey from home around 8am. We reach the border of Lawas Sarawak around 11am, so pasport check out for Sabah and in for Sarawak. The children just fine and they were just sleeping all the way to sindumin.

Pic 1: My husband is busy filling up the custom form for the arrival to Sarawak
Pic 2: Aishah is busy checking on mama handbag.
Both photos taken by Mr. Hakim.

After we have 5 stamps in our pasport we stoped by at Limbang, it was around 1.30pm. We eat at KFC for the lunch at Limbang Plaza for 30 minutes then we continued our journey again. When we arrived at the border of Sarawak/Brunei (Kuala Lurah) It was traffic jammed. We waited for almost 2 hours just to get stamped to enter Brunei. We Checked in at our hotel which was located at Jerudong, around 4:30pm.

The Empire Hotel and Country Club, What a beautiful hotel and looks grand. They have their own cinema, golf club and very beautiful lakes and swimming pools.

Talking about our room. We took a twin share and double room for my mother in law.
The room is not what we were imagined but the bathroom was..WOW big, with a marble floors and walls. We have our own balcony at the back of our room, which we can seat and chatting while having a cup of coffee or tea and not forgetting the swimming pool is not far from our room and my kids loves it so much.

We were so tired after traveled so far from Kota Kinabalu to Jerudong, Brunei, so we just took a nap for an hour after we have tried the swimming pool for an hour. At 7 in the evening we drove to Gadong to find some restaurant or stall for dinner. On the way of searching the restaurant we saw a beautiful decoration of Chinese New Year. So many people just went there and took a photo. So do we, since Hakim an Aishah still addicted with the "Ratatoulle" movie we decided just stop by and took a pictures of them.

After searching for a almost 1 hour, we followed the Brunei Plate number car to look for a restaurant. We came into the central of Gadong city where we saw a lots of restaurant. But I just followed them, they want to eat pizza so do I. We have our dinner at Fratini Restaurant that night. We got back to the hotel around 10:30pm and sleep.

Day 2 (28 January 2008-Monday)

We start our day with our breakfast at a very exclusive cafe of the hotel. As plan for that day just relax at the swimming pool and rest day. We did not do so many activ
ities for that day and we only went out for dinner at Jollybee for that night.

Above Pic: Taken by Mr.Hakim during breakfast

Below Pic: The view of the cafe from ground floor of the main lobby of the hotel.
The cafe was at 3rd floor of the main lobby (5ft floor).

After breakfast we went to the e-kids club where Hakim and Aishah swimming. We did too.

That was 2 days in Brunei, I will continue the Day 3 and so on for another day. I am a bit tired and need to sleep now.

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  1. siok ohh ko jln-jln sana brunei neth. sy sni ranau skrg nie cuti cny. sy paling suka tu bathroom di hotel ko. cantik dan besar. klu sy mandi sana, confirm tdk mau keluar nie...haha!