Friday, January 25, 2008

Next Family Destination ..

Today is my last day of working for January. I will start my leave from 28 Jan-1 Feb to visit Brunei. Since my husband want to see how is the market in Brunei, he would like to check it for himself. Just see how is the Package he offered at his website

We will go by land to Brunei with my mother in law and her husband. Its a long drive from Kota Kinabalu to Brunei but I hope for my children they enjoy it. Me and my husband have tried once to Miri by land sometimes in 2001. Ya! its been 7 years and hopefully the road is much better then before. The most exciting part is we will staying at T
he Empire Hotel & Country Club, which I heard from my husband an extravagant suites and 5 star rooms, how was that look like huh!. Just wait and see, I hope I can take a photo of the hotel and the room and share it in my blog.

After my holiday, I will continue with my Medical Leave from 4th Feb to whenever the Doctor give me. Probably a week. So its a long leave for me. That make me lazy to go to work afterwards. Oh ya. I will be admitted to Hospital Likas on 3rd February 2008 (Sunday) my operation has been re-schedule on 4th February. Nothing serious just hope it will be gone after this. Is that simple as it is?.. I dont know.

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  1. Hi Neneth, I pray that your operation will be a successful one and that you'll recover in no time ya.